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Counseling Center

The Counseling Center will temporarily be located in the Administration Building (#1), Room #120. Contact for more information or questions!

Welcome to Ocean County College’s Counseling Center

We are a team of highly skilled professionals dedicated to serving our campus community and promoting student mental health and wellbeing. Our work is built on the values of compassion, integrity and respect. We are motivated by being a trusted resource on campus and helping all students develop a sense of belonging regardless of race, ethnicity, age, gender, sexual orientation or ability. To accomplish these goals, we provide professional and evidence-based counseling services supportive of our students in navigating personal and academic challenges, fostering resilience to help our students persevere and ultimately achieve their goals.

“Providing Services with Compassion, Integrity and Professionalism. Because YOU matter.”

  • Personal Counseling: Professional and confidential mental health counseling, at no cost to all OCC and Kean-Ocean students. Counseling is provided under a short term, solution-focused theoretical framework and referrals are provided for continued care as needed.
  • Crisis Intervention: Trained and professionally licensed counselors are available to respond to psychiatric emergencies on campus. Counselors will intervene at any on-campus location if the student cannot be transported to our office safely. The primary goal of crisis intervention is to de-escalate the crisis, support the student in distress, initiate necessary crisis response services and maintain the safety of all involved.
  • Academic At-Risk Intervention: A program designed to help students who are academically at risk learn the skills needed for academic success.
  • BASICS – An evidence-based alcohol screening and intervention program for college students. BASICS consists of two sessions with a counselor, and you will receive personalized feedback and tips on how to reduce your risk of encountering drinking-related consequences. Contact Counseling Services to schedule your first appointment of the BASICS program.
  • Prevention: Promoting overall health and wellness of all students and members of our community. Prevention programs at OCC are designed to raise awareness, fight stigma, educate, and encourage healthy choices. Primary topics include: suicide, substance abuse, domestic and sexual violence, mental health awareness.
  • Consultation: Counselors are available to provide information and guidance for faculty and staff in responding to behavioral or mental health difficulties in the classroom, or in other direct interactions with students.
  • Workshops, Education, and Training: Counselors provide expertise in the areas of mental health and wellness to assist the campus community in supporting student success.

Talking to a counselor for the first time can be overwhelming and we understand that. We are here to help you feel more comfortable in the process. Your first appointment will likely consist of a review of paperwork, telling your counselor the reason you are seeking help, and starting to work on a plan together that will help you towards a solution. Your counselor will also ask you several questions about any high risk concerns as part of a routine assessment. No matter what the concern that brings you to our office, you can be sure you will receive professional care in a private, nonjudgmental setting.

The Ocean County Board of Social Services will be visiting OCC to assist students on the first Tuesday of every month from 10am – 4pm starting Feb 6th.

Students can make an appointment via QLess or walk-in to the Student Enrollment Building #9.

Students can make an appointment or walk-in in for help with:

  • Applying for Food Assistance
  • General Support
  • Help with NJ Family Care – Health Insurance
  • Utilities Assistance
  • Temporary Rental Assistance



Everything shared in counseling, including your involvement with our department is completely confidential. Without your written permission, we cannot release any information about you or what you discuss with your counselor. With that said, there are a few exceptions:

  1. The professional counselors within the OCC Counseling Services Department and/or members of the OCC CARE team may consult with one another in order to provide you with the most comprehensive care.
  2. If there is reason to believe you are in imminent danger of hurting yourself or someone else.
  3. If counseling staff has reasonable cause to believe that a child, elder, or otherwise vulnerable adult, disabled or incompetent person has been subject to abuse, acts of abuse, neglect or exploitation.
  4. If ordered by a court to release confidential or privileged information.

All other communication with family, professors, other college staff, treatment providers, or any other person involved requires your written permission.


All services are completely free for all students of OCC or Kean-Ocean Campuses.

If you are an OCC or Kean-Ocean student and are in need of services, please contact us through one of the following methods:

  • Anxiety
  • Balancing responsibilities
  • Building resilience
  • Concerns about academics
  • Dealing with life changing situations
  • Depression
  • Family conflicts
  • Grief
  • Life planning
  • Living with a mental health/physical health condition
  • Problem solving and decision making
  • Relationship issues
  • Self-care and wellness
  • Sexual or interpersonal violence; Title IX issues
  • Stress or feeling overwhelmed
  • Substance abuse and addiction (self or significant others)
  • In the event of a psychiatric emergency, call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room.
  • The after-hours answering service for psychiatric emergencies: 732-286-2441
  • The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline can be reached 24/7 by calling 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or texting 741741


You can walk in anytime the office is open to speak with a counselor. Depending on the urgency of your concern, you may be seen right away or you may schedule an appointment to come back.

Yes! The Counseling Center at OCC offers telehealth sessions via phone or secure video-conferencing. You can request telehealth sessions with our counselors if you prefer to meet virtually or if it is more convenient for you.  It is important to note that telehealth sessions are limited in some ways, and your counselor may recommend in-person appointments or referrals to external resources to address certain presenting concerns or topics.

Additionally, Ocean County College provides FREE student access to UWill, a company that offers immediate access to teletherapy through its easy-to-use online platform. This resource is available to students across the globe.

Access this link for the Register to Join | Uwill website.

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