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OCCat, the Ocean County College Library Catalog

You may locate a book through the Ocean County College Library catalog, which defaults to a keyword search.

A keyword search will locate any materials that have your desired words anywhere within their records: title, author, subjects headings, description, etc.

If you are looking for a particular title, author, subject heading, ISBN, or publisher, use the second drop-down menu to search those fields specifically.

You may also use the first drop-down menu to limit your search results to particular types of materials (books, CDs, DVDs, government documents, periodicals, reference books, or books owned by the Barnegat Bay Partnership in Building 10 at OCC ). This will also allow you to limit your search results to a particular collection.

Item Locations

Each item record will provide important information on how to locate that item, including the call number and the location:

Call number: A call number is an identifying number for items within the library. Items are arranged on shelves in numerical order based on these call numbers, making it easy to locate an item. The numbers correspond to subject areas, so items covering similar topics are often shelved near each other. These subject areas follow the Dewey Decimal Classification System.

Location: The location will indicate where the item is located. This could be somewhere within the library (Reference Area-First Floor, Circulating Shelves-Second Floor, etc.), or at a partner library (Barnegat Bay Library).

There are multiple ways to find articles on your subject.

Print Journals: The Library subscribes to hundreds of print journals and newspapers. To see if the Library owns a print copy of a particular journal, simply access the Library Catalog. You can search for periodicals by title. Current issues of print journals are located on Library’s main floor, across from the Circulation Desk. Older issues are kept behind the Circulation Desk.

Article Databases: The Library also subscribes to a number of article databases, each containing access to a wide variety of articles.

There are different ways to access to the databases depending on your location.

  • If you are on campus, look through the Article Databases on the Find Articles page.
  • If you are off-campus, you must first log in to Ocean Connect. Once logged in, scroll down until you see Library Services. If you need help, access our help page.

The first step in finding an article is selecting an appropriate database. Each database is unique and provides variable content. Some provide access to newspaper articles, others to peer-reviewed research, and others provide a combination. Some focus on a single subject, like psychology, while others provide broad coverage of a variety of subjects. If you’re not sure which database to choose, ask a librarian for some assistance. We’re happy to help!

Once you have chosen a database, you’ll need to enter some search terms. You may need to enter more than one search term or try a variety of synonyms for your topic. Some databases may even offer access to a controlled list of preferred subject terms. These can help you target searches towards specific aspects of your topic. For an example of how to use these controlled terms, check out our CINAHL subject guide (PDF).

After entering your search terms, you will be presented with a list of potential articles. Depending on which database you choose, you will have a variety of options for further narrowing your search using “limiters” or database-specific refining tools. If you are not sure how to use them, please ask a librarian for assistance.

Each article record should provide basic information about that article, including article title, author, and publication information. Many article records will also provide a short summary, or abstract.

Not every database provides full access to every article. In some cases, only a citation will be available. Always check to see if an article records lists “PDF” or “HTML” access to an article. If you are not certain if a database provides full access to a particular article, or if you are unsure how to access the file, please ask a librarian for assistance. And remember, if we do not have full access to an article you need, we may be able to request it through Interlibrary Loan.

Library reserves are items set aside by a faculty member for a particular class or assignment. While some of these items can be checked out for brief periods, the majority of reserve items cannot be checked out. They are intended for “in house” use to ensure access for the greatest number of patrons. Reserve items are located behind the circulation desk. You will need an OCC or Kean ID card to access them.

Requesting an interlibrary loan item is easy! You can request a book or article from another library if the OCC library does not own a copy. Simply fill out the appropriate request form, and we’ll take care of the rest!

To make a request, fill out either the form to Request a Book or to Request an Article. We’ll take care of the rest! Paper forms are available upon request. You can find these forms and more information on our Interlibrary Loan page.

Kean@Ocean students, faculty, and staff have an additional option to request materials from the main Kean (Union) campus. Kean offers two request options:

Please contact us with any questions or problems via e-mail at

The OCC Library collects both print and electronic journals/magazines.

To see if the Library owns a print copy of a particular journal, simply access theLibrary Catalog. You can search for periodicals by title.

To see if the Library owns an electronic copy of a particular journal, access our Full Text Journal Directory (Library home page under Start Your Research Here). You can search for electronic journals by title or subject. The Full Text Journal Search will let you know which database provides access to your requested journal as well as a listing of available issues.

To check out a book, simply bring the book and your up-to-date OCC or Kean@Ocean ID card to the Circulation Desk, located on the Library’s first floor. All OCC students should automatically be in our library databases, and Kean@Ocean students can register with us before checking out. ID cards must be updated each semester.

Please be aware that not every book in the library can be checked out. Reference books as well as some government documents and reserve items do not circulate.

Your OCC or Kean@Ocean ID card acts as your library card.

OCC students may obtain or update their student ID card in the Student Center during the first two weeks of the semester. After that, ID cards may be obtained at the Campus Security Office, located in parking Lot #1.

Please bring 1) a copy of your current course schedule and 2) a valid photo ID with you.

Kean@Ocean students may obtain their student ID cards from the Kean@Ocean Office, located in the Gateway Building, room 103.

Maybe. You may renew most items one time, unless it is overdue, another patron has requested it, or there are other restrictions placed on it. Please see a Library staff member for more information.

Yes, there are fines for late returns. Items returned late must be brought to the Circulation Desk where fines must be paid. Fines are assessed daily. There are additional charges for lost items and processing fees.  All Library charges must be cleared for you to register for the next semester, receive grades, or request a transcript.

The fine will vary depending on the type of item borrowed. Please refer to Fines and Fees chart on the Library Policies page.

Library patrons may access the “OCCWifi” wireless network. Accessing this network may require initial registration. If you require technical assistance, please see a Computer Lab staff member.

All Library computers are connected to networked printers. One standard, black&white printer (goprintLibrary 1st Floor) is located on the first floor, near the Reference Desk. A second standard, black&white printer (goprintLibrary 2nd Floor) is located on the second floor, outside the Computer Lab. Color printing is available. The color printer (goprintLibrary 2nd Floor [COLOR]) is located on the second floor, outside the Computer Lab.

  1. After you select “print” for your document, you will be prompted to choose a printer. Select either (goprintLibrary 1st Floor), (goprintLibrary 2nd Floor), or (goprintLibrary 2nd Floor [COLOR]) according to your location and preference. You will also have the option to print double-sided by selecting “Preferences” and choosing “duplex printing.”
  2. Make note of your computer’s number. Computer numbers are randomized and will be listed in the top right corner of the desktop. An example number is “Library_Down-4.” Numbers for computers located inside the Computer Lab are posted on their monitors.
  3. Go to the printing station. If you selected (goprintLibrary 1st Floor), the printing station is located on the first floor, near the Reference Desk. If you selected (goprintLibrary 2nd Floor) or (goprintLibrary 2nd Floor [COLOR]), the printing station is located on the second floor, outside the Computer Lab.
  4. In order to pay for your print job, you will need a GoPrint card. Insert your GoPrint card in the printing station’s card reader. Use the touch screen monitor to select your computer number. Next, select what document(s) you would like to print. Select “Continue” at the bottom right of the screen. The payment will be debited from your GoPrint card at this time. After funds have been debited, you will be prompted to select “Continue” at the bottom right of the screen. After this, your GoPrint card will be returned to you and your print job should begin printing.

The Library is not able to support printing from the wireless network at this time.

Printing fees:
Black and white printing jobs are $.10 per page. Duplex (double-sided) printing is discounted and costs $.15 per page (front and back). Color printing is available on the second floor and costs $.25 per page. The Library is not currently able to support color duplex printing.

Public printing requires the purchase of a GoPrint swipe card. Go Print cards are available through dispensers located on both the first and second floors. The card is a reusable debit card and comes with an initial, one-time cost of $0.50. As a reusable card, you can add money to the card as needed and use it again and again. The GoPrint card can be used not only in the Library, but in multiple locations throughout the OCC campus, including the Bookstore and Computer Labs. GoPrint cards allow for a discount on double-sided print jobs. Please see a Library or Computer Lab staff member for more information.

To obtain your initial card, go the GoPrint dispenser located on either the Library’s first or second floor. Push the “card” button and insert a $1 bill in the bill acceptor, located in the bottom left of the dispenser. Please note, the dispenser requires dollar bills and does not accept change or credit cards.

After a $1 bill has been inserted, a GoPrint card will emerge from the bottom right of the dispenser. This card will have a $.50 credit on it.

To add money to a card, insert your GoPrint card in the slot located in the top right corner of the dispenser. Your current card balance will appear in the screen located in the top left corner of the dispenser. Simply add funds using the dollar bill acceptor, located in the bottom left of the dispenser. Push the card button to eject your card.

You can obtain technical assistance with Ocean Connect in the Computer Lab, located on the second floor of the Library.

Yes. Group study rooms are located throughout the Library and are available on a “first come, first served” basis. Priority is given to groups and so, individuals may be asked to leave the room if a group is waiting. *Group study rooms cannot be reserved. Please see a Library staff member for more information.

*Tutors affiliated with other college departments may make arrangements to reserve study rooms to meet with students by contacting the Library Director at ext. 2536.

The Library has a media viewing room located on the first floor, near the Reference Desk. The media viewing room is available on a “first come, first served” basis. Priority is given to those with an academic media purpose, such as viewing a film for class.

Alternatively, some of the computers located in the Computer Lab are equipped with DVD players, as are the Macs located on the 1st floor near the Reference Desk. You may watch a DVD on any of these computers with the use of headphones. Headphones are available at the Circulation desk, but you will need an ID to borrow them.

No. The Library is open to the public. However, unattended children will be referred to Security. Members of the public may use Library resources “in house,” but may not check out Library items.

OCC and Kean@Ocean Faculty may request Information Literacy Instruction sessions by completing the online request form, located in the Faculty/Staff portal, or by emailing Anastacia McCloskey at

Faculty and Staff members may make purchase requests by using the Purchase Request Form, located in the College’s Faculty/Staff portal, or by contacting the Library Director.

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