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Student Support Services (SSS)

Our Mission

The mission of Student Support Services at Ocean County College is to assist and encourage first-generation college students, low-income college students and/or college students with disabilities through completion of a credential. We operate in a holistic, inclusive, and collaborative environment while delivering services that will immerse students in a challenging and engaging student experience. SSS emboldens students to be self-driven; to discover their own barriers, seek out solutions, and develop a positive mindset in their journey toward success.


How to Apply – Submit a Completed Prescreen Application

Applications are available via this website, email, or in person. Spots are limited!

Apply Now!

Do you meet any of these eligibility requirements?

  • You are a first generation student*
  • You meet federal income guidelines, found on the U.S. Department of Education website
  • You are a student with a disability
  • You have an academic need (placed into developmental math and/or English, GPA less than 2.5, struggling to pass courses, recommended to SSS by a faculty or staff members, high rate of F & W grades)

* First Generation: parents/guardians did not complete a bachelor’s degree or whose primary custodial parent/guardian did not complete a bachelor’s degree.

Free Program Advantages:

  • One-On-One Professional Tutoring
  • Academic Planning & Advising—for transfer to a 4-year institution and/or career
  • Academic Coaching—keeping you motivated to reach your goals
  • Financial Literacy Education—to help you make smart, financial decisions
  • Social Engagement & Leadership Development—attend trips and conferences to discover your purpose and build your network

SSS Office Information

Office: Russell Building #7 – Room 113
Phone: 732-255-0400 Ext. 2135

SSS Office Staff

Megan Miskin
SSS Director

732-255-0400 x2027
Russell Bldg. (7) – R112

Helen Konz
SSS Program Director TRIO
732-255-0400 x2373
Russell Bldg. (7) – R111

Barbara McCormack
SSS Academic Coach
732-255-0400 x2228
Russell Bldg. (7) – R116

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