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Where dreams come true, one class at a time!

Student Support Services (SSS) is a comprehensive program dedicated to increasing the academic success rate of students who are first generation* and/or low income, and/or students with disabilities by providing support in an accessible and respectful environment. Student Support Services provides personal, academic and career coaching that encourages excellence and promotes success through educational opportunities and the utilization of campus resources.

Program Benefits

Program benefits include:

  • Tutoring
    • Individual one-on-one with a Professional Tutor
    • Pass the Class small group instruction
  • Academic Advisement
    • Course selection
    • Choosing a Major
    • Academic Planning – “When will I graduate?”
  • Academic Coaching
    • Setting goals
    • Monitoring progress
  • Information about Financial Aid; including assistance completing and applying to FAFSA
    • Information and assistance locating and completing other scholarships
    • Letters of recommendation
  • Transfer Services
    • Assistance researching 4-yr colleges and universities
    • Visits to other schools of higher education
    • Completing admissions applications and obtaining Federal Student Aid
  • Economic and Financial Literacy education
    • Understand student debt; make smarter financial decisions
    • Information on how to become economically self-sufficient
  • Career planning
    • Connecting Major(s) to Career(s)
    • Assessment to identify interests, values, personality traits, and strengths
  • Personal counseling
    • Addressing the personal issues that affect your ability to achieve academic success
  • Social/Cultural activities
    • Prior year trips included visits to “The Bodies Exhibit”, The United Nations”, and “The Franklin Institute

Eligibility Requirements

Do you meet any of these eligibility requirements?

  • You are a first generation student*
  • You meet federal income guidelines
  • You have a documented physical, learning, and/or mental health disability

We are Currently Accepting Applications!

How to Apply

  • Complete an application (PDF)
  • Provide documentation of income eligibility (IRS transcript)
  • Complete the interview process

Applications are available via this website, email, phone or in person:

  • 732.255.0400 ext. 2352
  • Office Locations:
    • SSS office – Russell, Room R112

First Generation means neither parent earned their bachelor’s degree.

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