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Testing Center at Ocean County College

The Testing Center will temporarily be located in Hovnanian Building (#102), Ground Floor, Room #103. Parking Lot 3. Contact for more information or questions!

Our Mission

The mission of the Ocean County College Testing Center is to provide a professional testing environment for the campus and the community that supports the mission of the college by:

  • Enabling test takers to perform at their maximum ability;
  • Promoting an atmosphere that encourages students, faculty, staff, and community members to readily approach us for the numerous services we provide;
  • Maintaining a knowledgeable and courteous testing staff who provide services with a professional and positive attitude that demonstrates value in human relationships, personal excellence, integrity, human dignity, diversity, and commitment to lifelong learning;
  • Creating a secure, quiet, clean, accommodating, and accessible environment;
  • Serving as the primary liaison for outside testing agencies and institutions;
  • Facilitating the testing needs of on-campus and distance-learning students and members of the community;
  • Making national and professional entrance, certification, and advanced-standing examinations available to the campus and the community;
  • Empowering and assisting diverse learners in meeting their educational goals.

Testing Center Policies

1. Children and others who come with test takers are not permitted to wait in the Testing Center. Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult and are prohibited from being left unattended in college buildings or on college grounds.

2. All test takers must present an original and valid photo ID (i.e., current Driver’s License, signed US Passport, current non-driver’s license from Motor Vehicle, OCC student ID) for the current semester. We do not accept electronic versions of any ID.  No original ID, no test.

  • High school or home-schooled students under the age of 21 who do not have one of the acceptable forms of ID listed above may submit a Student ID Form from The College Board. Find this Student ID Form by searching online for “CLEP Student ID Form”, “SAT Student ID Form” or “Accuplacer Student ID Form”.

3. No personal belongings of any kind are allowed in the Testing Room except those listed as part of an accommodation plan.

4. All personal belongings (such as coats, hats, sweaters, hoodies, purses, watches, backpacks, etc.) are to be placed in designated lockers and all pockets must be empty. No head coverings/hats are allowed except for religious reasons.

5. All cell phones, pagers, and any other electronic devices must be turned off and must be stored in the lockers.

6. Cell phones may not be used as calculators.

7. All textbooks, notes, and calculators must be stored in lockers unless instructors authorize the use of these items on the test.

8. Scratch paper and pencils will be provided by the Testing Center and must be submitted with completed tests.

9. The Testing Center will not return any additional class materials with completed tests.

10. Food and beverages are not allowed in the Testing Room at any of the workstations unless specified in an accommodation plan.

All activity in the Testing Center is recorded.

Your cooperation is appreciated.

Tests Offered at the Testing Center

The following tests are offered on campus or for remote, at-home testing.

  • Make-up and Accommodation Testing for OCC courses
  • Accuplacer (the OCC Placement tests for English, mathematics, AAF for Pre-Calculus/Calculus)
  • *TEAS (Pre-Nursing Test of Essential Academic Skills)
  • **Music Theory Placement Test
  • Technology Test-Out
  • *College Level Examination Program (CLEP)
  • *Praxis and Praxis Core
  • Distance Learning Tests
  • Certification and Licensure Tests
  • Testing Center Fee Schedule
Schedule A Test

Make-Up  and Accommodation Testing

  • Please review the Student Instructions
  • Guarantee yourself a seat:  Make an appointment for your test, even for approved paper/pencil make-up tests.
  • Photo ID is required for all tests; no exceptions made. Bring your valid driver’s license, your current school ID or your current and signed U.S. passport.

The Ocean County College Testing Center adheres to the standards and guidelines set forth by the National College Testing Association (NCTA), and we are committed to maintaining professional testing standards and practices, safeguarding the confidentiality of student records.

We are a member of the NCTA Proctoring Network (NPN), and we are an official New Jersey Department of Education Jurisdictional Testing Site for the High School Equivalency Assessment (HSEA-formerly GED) for those who want to earn a New Jersey High School Diploma.

*Please Note: Remote testing for these exams can only be arranged through the test vendors; you cannot schedule these remote tests through Ocean County College.

**Students who want to enroll into MUSC-181 Theory of Music without having to take MUSC-101 Music Fundamentals, must pass the Music Theory Placement Test. This test is offered as a remote, at-home test by appointment only. You can request an appointment for this remote test at: Once you have requested your appointment, the Testing Center will contact you to schedule.

Hovnanian Building

The H. Hovnanian Health Sciences Building

Testing Hours:
Monday to Thursday –  8:30 AM – 4:30 PM (through August 2, 2024)
*Effective August 9, 2024 – Fridays – 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM

Contact Information
Phone: 732.255.0401

Hovnanian Building #102
Ground Floor, Room 103
Parking:  Lot 3

*OCC will operate remotely on Fridays through August 2, 2024.

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