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  • Students and visitors may park in white lined spaces on campus. Permits are not required to park in these spaces.
  • Faculty and Staff may park in yellow lined spaces with the display of an approved parking permit. To obtain a permit, visit the Department of Campus Safety and Security in Building #30.
  • Persons with a valid disability placard and/or wheelchair symbol license plates are permitted to utilize accessible parking on campus.
  • Parking outside of approved lined spaces (grass, roadways, curbs, etc.) is not permitted at any time. Summonses will be issued for parking violations.

Appeals Process:

An appeal may be filed within 20 calendar days of the issuance of the summons.  To obtain an Appeals Form click on this link Petition for Appeal – Parking Summons 2024   Failure to properly file an appeal request form shall result in the forfeiture of the right to appeal.

For questions regarding outstanding fines or the appeals process, please contact the Department of Campus Safety.

The Fine Table

V 01 $15.00 Parking in a staff/faculty space without conspicuously displaying a proper permit
V 02 $25.00 Parking in a non-designated parking area
V 03 $25.00 Parking in signed reserved space
V 04 $15.00 Occupying more than one parking space
V 05 $25.00 Blocking or impeding traffic flow
V 06 $25.00 Parking in a FIRE ZONE or Loading Zone
V 07 $250.00 Parking in a handicapped space without conspicuously displaying a proper permit or parking in the van unloading cross-hash area
V 08 $25.00 Disregard of any traffic device or sign
V 09 $100.00 Towing (Does not include towing company fees)
V 10 $25.00 to $100.00 Smoking on Campus

In case of emergency, contact the Department of Campus Safety and Security at:


If you are calling from a Campus Phone, please dial:

Extension 2200

View Emergency-Guide-Reference-Book

Parking Lot Safety

To reduce the risk of incidents, it is necessary to learn of potential hazards in parking lots. The following advice will help strengthen your awareness as both a driver and a pedestrian. Staying alert is a crucial factor in keeping yourself and others safe.

View our Parking Safety Guide to learn more

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