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Asynchronous Tutoring

Asynchronous MATH/CSIT Submission Form

Please note that questions received by 12:00 pm on a business day will typically receive a response by 4:00 pm the next working day. Questions may not be reviewed at any time the Center is closed. Keep in mind your assignment’s due date and be sure to allow enough time. If the asynchronous tutoring is not fast enough and you need more immediate assistance, it is best to make an appointment for a synchronous session following instructions on the STEM Center page.

Additionally, student inquiries that require a back and forth over multiple steps, will be encouraged to schedule a 1-on-1 session.

SelfInstructorPeerAdvisorAcademic CoachOther
Description of assignment
• Please explain the assignment
• Provide the name of the textbook and assignment page number(s) or upload a screenshot of online homework that you are seeking support for
• Ask specific questions for the tutor

Please attach a screen shot or other assignment documents that may help the tutor answer your questions. (Accepts pdf, doc, docx, ppt, pptx files. Limit 10mb)

Asynchronous Tutoring FAQ

When it comes to the term “Asynchronous” you may see it being used it a number of various contexts as online learning has risen in popularity. According to Asynchronous is an adjective that means “not occurring at the same time.” Simply put, Asynchronous refers to any process or processes that does not occur at the same time but can often times be used to complete a common task.

Asynchronous learning refers to the style of learning in which you learn on your own schedule, though often confined to a set timeframe. This concept was widely adopted over time as the transition to online learning became popular.

Asynchronous and Synchronous learning may sound similar when first heard, adding learning into the mix can make many confused. Luckily, these words just seem complicated but are very similar to learn. Asynchronous learning refers to learning that is not completed at the same time by every student.

Synchronous learning refers to learning that is done at the same time.

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