Customer Service Courses

Customer Service Designed To Customer Specifications (8hrs-12hrs)

Learn the concepts, principles and strategies with hands-on training on how to treat all your customers with an exceptional and pleasurable experience by examining customer service techniques and strategies that work.  Learn how to exceed customer expectations and put them into practice in real world situations.

Restaurant Dining Room Staff Development (8hrs)

Dining room serving is one of the most important, challenging and rewarding jobs in restaurant and catering employment.  This course sets the stage for servers to have a direct impact on each guest’s experience with one specific goal “WOMM” that guests leave and can’t wait to tell others about how special they felt, enjoyed the atmosphere and great food and beverages.

Course is taught on location demonstrating proper service techniques.

  Restaurant Owner/Manager Workshop (8hrs) Call for Information
  Retail/Small Business Customer Service Workshop (8hrs)
Call for Information

Customer service for seasonal visiting student employees (4hrs)

For employers as train the trainer (8hours)

Individuals from other countries visiting for summer employment will learn basics with hands on training of customer service focused on interacting and understanding American culture and customers. 


Customer Service How To Answer And Work On The Telephone (8hrs)

Every time you pick up phone you have 7 seconds to make a good impression. The telephone may be the first and only contact a customer may have with a business and so the importance of creating a customer, or maintaining one, depends on the impression made on the telephone.  This course provides specific principles and techniques on how to handle every telephone situation.


Basic Communication Verbal And Written For Improved Customer Service
(8 - 12hrs)

This course is designed for those workers who come into contact with the customers of any company.  Customers are defined as anyone, external paying customers or internal staff who support the company’s mission.  It will introduce participants to the importance of good verbal, non-verbal and written communication skills in the workplace including good listening skills.  It will demonstrate how different personal communication styles affect how customers receive and interpret information. 


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