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Admission to the Traditional Nursing Program

Please fill out the Application to the College and indicate Nursing as your major.

Pre-Nursing students must fill out a Nursing Letter of Intent at the start of every semester to be considered for the traditional nursing program.

Before you apply, check the content below to be certain that you can meet all entrance criteria:

Nursing General Education Requirements

See All Requirements

*It is strongly recommended that students with a degree or required ACT/SAT scores complete as many of their general education requirements as soon as possible before entering the program.  Students accepted without completing their nursing general education requirements must take those required courses concurrently with the other nursing courses with the exception of A&P I & II which must be completed before acceptance.

Prospective students must consider:  travel time to clinical sites, physical ability with no restrictions for patient safety, removing any
piercings and a minimum of 30 hours per week study time.

We reserve the right to change admission criteria and curriculum at our discretion.

Students with Disabilities

Students with disabilities are encouraged to contact the Center for Academic Excellence for additional assistance.

Prospective Students

Interested in this program? Contact the HUB at or 732-255-0482.

TEAS Information

View TEAS Information(TEAS testing may only be done at OCC)

Honors By Contract

A wide range of courses are available for students to participate in OCC’s “Honors by Contract” Program!

Official Catalog*

Our interactive catalog is updated throughout the year.

*Course requirements for degrees can and do change over time. Students are responsible for fulfilling the degree requirements that are in effect when they begin pursuing the degree at the college.

View Catalog Archive

Register for Your Next Semester

Current students are encouraged to use the College Catalog and Student Planning Degree Audit (My Progress Screen) to help make educated, accurate choices when selecting courses.

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