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Customer Service Courses

Learn the concepts, principles, and strategies with hands-on training on how to treat all your customers with an exceptional and pleasurable experience by examining customer service techniques and strategies that work. Learn how to exceed customer expectations and put them into practice in real world situations.

Our course is for retail businesses that have a customer service staff. Your employees learn the concepts, principles, and strategies to treat all your customers with exceptional courtesy. We demonstrate how to make the retail buying experience a pleasurable one for the customer. Through hands-on training, your staff role-play meeting & exceeding customer expectations.

Your customer service representative has about 7 seconds to make a good impression upon answering a call. The telephone may be the first and only contact a customer may have with a business. The telephone impression is pivotal in creating a customer or maintaining one. Our course provides specific principles and techniques for professionally answering the call, assessing the issue, and closing the call to the caller’s satisfaction.

Our course is for employees who come into contact with your customers. Customers are anyone, external paying customers or internal staff, who support the company’s mission. We focus on the importance of good verbal, non-verbal, and written communication skills. We discuss active listening & why it matters. We discuss how different personal communication styles affect how customers receive & interpret information.

Dining room service is one of the most important aspects of a quality restaurant. Our course sets the stage for servers to provide each diner in your restaurant with a perfect dining experience. We discuss “WOMM”, Word of Mouth Marketing, a focus for servers as they move about the dining room so their objective is that diners can’t wait to talk about it, an enjoyable atmosphere with great food & drinks. Instruction occurs on location. We demonstrate proper service techniques.

Contact for specifics regarding our workshop for restaurant owners/managers.

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