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Cultural Awareness

International Club

This club strives to celebrate diversity and promote international awareness on campus. Activities are planned that allow students to share their cultures and backgrounds. The club also helps students from other countries who are learning English with communication skills by encouraging dialogue amongst members.

Organization for Black Unity (OBU)

The Organization for Black Unity seeks to promote a feeling of cultural awareness for its members through programs of education, culture, and community relations.

Sign Language Society (ITP)

Promotes interest and awareness in deaf culture and society through the use of American Sign Language. Also, to provide greater opportunities for Interpreter Training Program students to network and improve signing skills.

The following cultural awareness clubs are looking for student leadership.  Please email for more information and to express interest!

  • Asian Culture Club
  • Jewish Student Union
  • S.A.L.S.A Club ( Latino & Hispanic Culture)
  • World Religion Club

Student Life Fun Fact!

To schedule a room for a meeting or special event, please fill out a Room Request form.  Since all room requests are done electronically, they must be reserved through the Student Life Office.  Student groups are responsible for cleanup and restoration of rooms at the conclusion of the event.

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