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Tutoring FAQ

Follow the instructions on the pages below for each of our services:

  • STEM Center – math, physics, biology, chemistry, and engineering courses (in-person, synchronous, and asynchronous [math only] support available)
  • Writing Center – English courses and any course with a writing component (in-person, synchronous, and asynchronous support available)
  • General Tutoring Center – courses vary by semester, check the page for the full list of courses (in-person and synchronous support available)

Yes, in-person sessions are now being offered again! In-person sessions are by appointment only.

STEM Center (math, physics, biology, chemistry, computer science, and engineering)

Writing Center (writing help for any course)

General Tutoring Center (click link for full list of courses supported by General Tutoring Center)

Yes, all students must wear a mask at all times when in the tutoring center. Students that are exempt from the mask mandate must present proof upon arrival. Masks will be provided if needed.

Tutoring is available for a wide variety of subjects. Tutoring for math, writing, and most science courses is available every semester, while other subjects vary by semester. Click on these links for more information:

Always make sure you are doing the following for each online synchronous tutoring session:

  • You have all relevant materials nearby (notes, textbook, calculator, pencil, etc.)
  • You have specific topics/questions/concepts that you want to discuss with the tutor
  • You are in a quiet environment that is conducive to learning
  • You have located the invite to your tutoring session and are ready to join on time

Always make sure you are doing the following for each in-person tutoring session:

  • You bring all relevant materials to your session (notes, textbook, calculator, pencil, etc.)
  • You have specific topics/questions/concepts that you want to discuss with the tutor
  • You have your OCC ID number

Tutoring is available to all Ocean County College or Kean Ocean students who are currently enrolled in courses, as well as other students in partnerships with OCC.

The 1-on-1 tutoring sessions that are scheduled by appointment, both synchronous and in-person, are scheduled for 45 minutes. Walk-in session time will vary based on tutor availability.

For synchronous sessions, after confirming your appointment in TutorTrac, you will receive an automatically generated email. The Webex link can be found in this email. Click the link when it is time for your session to begin.

For in-person sessions, the tutoring center is located on the second floor of building #5 (instructional building). The email that you receive after scheduling your appointment in TutorTrac will contain instructions for when you arrive at the tutoring center.

If you did not receive an email after scheduling your appointment in TutorTrac, please reach out to the appropriate service area. Make sure that you are checking your OCC student email. You can access this through the Ocean Connect menu.

STEM Center:

Writing Center:

General Tutoring Center:

Your appointment can be canceled or rescheduled in TutorTrac. Appointments must be canceled at least 12 hours before the scheduled session start time. If a student does not attend an appointment, the session is counted as a no show. Students that accumulate three no shows in a 30 day period will be restricted from making their own appointments, and will have to schedule by phone or email.

Yes! Students can get receive asynchronous support for math and writing. Fill out the appropriate submission form and a dedicated tutor will reach out with a written and/or video response.

Math Asynchronous Tutoring Form

Writing Asynchronous Tutoring Form

Students are encouraged to join our Canvas courses. Our tutors are constantly adding new resources. You will also find detailed instructions for appointment scheduling, videos, group tutoring session information, announcements about workshops, and more!

All students are automatically enrolled in our Canvas courses. If for some reason you don’t see the courses within Canvas, use the links below to join!

Join the STEM Center Canvas course!

Join the Writing Center Canvas course!

Join the General Tutoring Center Canvas course!

NOTE: The General Tutoring Center Canvas course contains resources for the following courses: ASLN-100/103, BUSN-131, and ECON-151.

Hours will vary based on tutor availability for appointments. Click on the appropriate service area below and begin scheduling an appointment to see what hours are available.

Students are able to schedule multiple sessions for the same course in a day, as long as there are at least three hours between the appointment start times. For example, you can have a tutoring session for your algebra class at 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. on the same day.

You will be working with well-trained professionals, paraprofessionals, and peer tutors.

No, you don’t! Tutoring is free for all currently enrolled OCC and Kean students.

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