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Bookstore Purchases

Can I Purchase Books Using Financial Aid?

Yes, Ocean County College allows you to purchase books and reasonable supplies in the OCC Bookstore with pending financial aid in excess of your current tuition and fee charges. Bookstore charges are added to your account and deducted from your financial aid awards upon disbursement. If your financial aid awards do not total the bookstore charges, you will be expected to pay the remaining amount at the time of purchase.

Bookstore Purchases
Bookstore Purchases 2

The Financial Aid office suggests checking your Student Finance account in Ocean Connect to ensure you have enough excess aid to cover the cost of your books/supplies BEFORE going to the bookstore.

How Do I Purchase Books/Supplies Using Financial Aid?

You can purchase books/supplies with financial aid online or in person (see below). Upon collection of your orders, the OCC Bookstore will ask you to sign a receipt which will act as your authorization to use financial aid to cover your charges.

  • Online: You can pre-order your books online at the OCC Bookstore website page using financial aid. Follow the directions to select the books you would like to purchase. Under “Method of Payment” select financial aid from the drop-down menu and enter your OCC Student ID Number as your ‘account number’. If you order your books prior to the start of classes, you will not receive them any sooner than 10 days prior to the start of class.
  • In Person: You can purchase your books in person at the OCC Bookstore using your financial aid. Join the line for financial aid students (there may be a long wait) and have your schedule of classes and OCC Student ID Card ready to present to the Cashier.

Please Note: When purchasing books/supplies with financial aid, the OCC Bookstore will not allow you to collect them until the first day of the term. You will have the first 10 business days of a regular term(Fall, Spring etc.) and the first five business days of a quick term to purchase your books with financial aid.After this time, you will not be permitted to use financial aid to purchase books/supplies.

What Can I Purchase with Financial Aid?

You can use your financial aid excess to purchase any books/supplies sold at the OCC Bookstore. You cannot use financial aid to purchase books or supplies from external sources (unless authorized by the Bookstore for Lab orders etc.). A Cashier at the OCC Bookstore may question the quantity of any item(s) purchased if it appears unreasonable for your needs. They have the right to deny any purchase with financial aid.

You can only use your financial aid to cover your educational expenses. You cannot use your financial aid to purchase books/supplies for a family member or friend.

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