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All organizations using Ocean County College facilities will be charged rental fees and personnel costs with the following exception: Non-profit charitable community organizations whose on-campus activities are directly related to the Ocean County College educational program and/or activities are exempt from rental fees but are responsible for personnel costs required by the activity.

  • The college shall determine the number of personnel required for each function.
  • OCC reserves the right to mandate additional personnel, such as, but not limited to security, custodians, on-site supervisors, depending upon the size & scope of the event.
  • No custodial or security costs will be incurred by the organization if such personnel are on normal duty during the event and extra staffing is not required.
  • Fees will be charged for damage to or loss of college property at its current replacement value.
  • Fees for areas and facilities not covered below will be determined upon receipt of application requesting their use.
  • Food service and charges therefore will be determined jointly by a representative of the organization using the facilities and a representative of the college’s catering service.

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