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Support Groups

Ocean Pride

The purpose of this organization is to provide a supportive and educational environment for all LGBTQA+ students and their Allies.


We are an interdenominational ministry which welcomes all students to explore and discuss the Bible as we support and encourage one another. Questions about faith are always welcome, and students of all faith or no faith are invited to our weekly meetings and to other special events which we hold throughout the semester. We hope to promote students’ spiritual and social growth while creating an atmosphere of unity and acceptance. All are welcome!

Student Support Services Club (SSS)

Student Support Services Club (SSS)
The purpose of this organization is to support and promote the experiences of students in the college’s Student Support Services program, through a variety of cultural, educational, recreational, and social programs and leadership activities.

Veteran’s Club

This national veterans fraternity brings together students who served in the United States Armed Forces and their dependents. The members seek to examine matters of common educational, financial, and social significance.

Women’s Network

This organization designed for women is a support group to help students cope with the transition of returning to school. The network offers information and support on subjects such as financial aid, counseling, scheduling, harassment, and other important issues. The purpose is to help one another and to enhance the personal and educational experience at OCC. Learn more about Women’s Network

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