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Santander SOL Partnership


SOL is a partnership among Santander Universities, Ocean County College, and Lakewood High School.  This partnership agreement is committed to providing access and opportunity for achievement to Lakewood High School seniors by:

  • Providing academic support services that emphasize high school completion
  • Assisting students to navigate the college application process
  • Enrolling students at Ocean County College
  • Retaining those students by focusing on completion in three years

This program provides Lakewood student participants with workshops and seminars in such areas as critical thinking, writing, study skills, test preparation, time management, and college placement test preparation.  It also offers workshops for the parents of program participants.

For more information contact

Laura F. Rickards, 732-255-0400 ext 2400


“It has meant a lot to me. It has helped me prepare for college and it has taught me a lot about responsibility.”

– Alejandra Carrasco

“I have learned so many things that will help me succeed in completing my goals.”

– Cassandra Gonzalez

“New experience. I am glad I joined this program. I wasn’t sure about college but this got me motivated to attend college.”

– Leydi Calvario

Student Stories

Tomas Uribe
1st Generation SOLmate

For me SOL has been an immense privilege and a great blessing.  Since the beginning of my senior year I often found myself worrying about the ruthlessness of the “real world.” I did not know what to expect when it came to furthering my education and to be honest that uncertainty was incredibly stressful. I always knew that I wanted to go to college and get a degree but when I actually started thinking of the gargantuan difference between high school and college I must admit I was more than afraid. That is why the SOL program has been so meaningful to me. It has taught me how I must conduct myself in a college environment and furthermore how to become a successful college student. It is such an amazing feeling knowing that I have the confidence to enter college without any doubt that I will succeed. I would like to thank the SOL program and everyone involved for giving me this confidence and peace of mind. It means more to me than you will ever know. So thank you, thank you for everything.

Tomas Uribe
Santander SOL Partnership
Santander SOL Partnership
Testimonial from Lakewood High School’s Principal

The SOL program at Lakewood HS has provided our students with the opportunity to receive college credits while attending high school.  There is no cost to our students, which is another huge benefit.  In addition, students receive academic support outside of their regular schedule in order to prepare them for college.  This has provided many of my students with a feeling of empowerment to know that they can be successful in a college environment.  Students were provided the opportunity to enhance their study skills and organizational skills in reference to meeting college expectations for submitting work on time.

All of my students who participated in the SOL program received access to the OCC Ocean Connect web site, which provides them with the benefit of tracking their progress and selecting courses for the next semester.  The OCC staff worked collaboratively with our LHS staff and became part of our High School culture.  This has been a wonderful opportunity for our students!

Mrs. Marcy J. Marshall, Principal
Lakewood High School

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