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Computer Labs


The goals of the Computer Labs are to provide all students with a pleasant atmosphere and the opportunity to learn all aspects of computer studies.

The computer studies programs use 5 teaching classrooms containing 121 computers and a tutoring room with 5 computers. All of these are located in the Technology Building.

The department also provides a with 19 PC’s and 2 MAC’s for students in the ICCT (Instructional Computer Center) located in Building #12 – Room 104. All software used in the Computer Studies classes is available in the ICCT lab. Students should call the number listed above for lab hours and general information about our lab. We encourage all students to take advantage of our lab equipment.

  1. All students must print their name in the book by the door when entering the open lab in the ICCT Building.
  2. SMOKING IS PROHIBITED throughout both the buildings.
  3. EATING or DRINKING is PROHIBITED in the Computer Labs by anyone, STUDENT or FACULTY.
  4. All students are responsible for keeping their PC area neat and clean.
  5. If there are any problems with the software or hardware, please notify the lab technician on duty.
  6. Children are not permitted in the computer labs.
  7. Students are not permitted in the lab technician’s area unless authorized by the lab technician or faculty.
  8. Any students caught tampering with the PC’s will face disciplinary actions and/or referred to the Vice President of Student Affairs.

Full Acceptable Use Policies


Department Phone: 732.255.0357

Computer Lab Phone:  732.255.0358

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