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Requirements and Instructions

Scholarship Application

Requirements and Instructions


  • The applicant must be an Ocean County resident.
    • Applicant must upload a photocopy of Driver’s License or Non-Driver’s License obtainable through the Division of Motor Vehicles to certify In-County residency.
    • Student ID is not acceptable.
    • The address on the license must match the address on file at Ocean County College.
  • Applicant must be registered and enrolled in an OCC degree program.
  • Applicant must have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher.

Please note that some scholarships may require additional eligibility requirements.

Application Requirements

  • All applicants must file the 2022-23 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at
    • Even if students are not eligible for federal financial aid (Pell Grant and loans), they still must complete it to determine income levels and financial needs.
  • A transcript of grades.
    • Unofficial copies are acceptable.
    • If 10 years or more have elapsed since the student’s most recent educational experience, please contact the foundation office at for information on how to complete this question on the application.
  • A photocopy of the applicant’s Driver’s License or Non-Driver’s License obtainable through the Division of Motor Vehicles must be attached to certify in-county residency.
    • A student ID is not acceptable.
    • The address on the Driver’s License must match the address on the application and on file with the College.
  • All applicants must provide an essay stating why they should receive a scholarship, keeping in mind, what distinguishes his/her need from others and sets them apart and also how they will benefit from receipt.
    • Essay must be at least 250 words.
  • One reference questionnaire from a professional or volunteer who knows the applicant personally must be submitted (i.e. professor/teacher, employer, counselor, coach).
    • Students will email their references through the online system to get their reference questionnaire completed. It is the student’s responsibility for ensuring that the reference provider completes this request before the deadline.


  • Failure to comply with these guidelines and requirements will result in the rejection of the student’s application.
  • Submitting an application is in no way a guarantee that a scholarship will be awarded.


  • The Foundation does not award scholarships to students receiving financial aid grants that fully fund their direct educational expenses (tuition & fees only). The amount of any scholarship will be determined after all federal and state grant aid has been deducted from the student’s direct educational expenses (tuition & fees only).
  • NJ STARS students are not eligible for OCC Foundation scholarships unless they are a NJ STARS student taking more than 18 credits. The Foundation will consider paying for the additional credits for tuition only.
  • Kean University students, including those taking OCC classes, are not eligible for OCC Foundation scholarships.
  • Ocean County College employees and their dependents are not eligible for OCC Foundation scholarships. In addition, per IRS rules, OCC Foundation Board Members and their family members are not eligible for OCC Foundation scholarships.
  • Jump Start students are not eligible for OCC Foundation scholarships.

Scholarship Payment Information

  • Scholarships are applied to tuition & fees only.
  • Scholarship awards are paid directly to the student’s accounts at Ocean County College. Should a student have a balance, the scholarship will go directly to pay down the balance. If there are any remaining funds, the student will receive payment at the end of the semester.
  • Scholarship dollar amounts are contingent upon full-time enrollment. Any student taking less than 12 credits will have their scholarship prorated unless otherwise noted by the donor.
  • After the first day of classes, any student dropping a course is at risk of having their scholarship prorated. Scholarship funds are not released until after the drop date. The student will be held responsible for any resulting balance.
  • The OCC Foundation reserves the right to deny future funding to any student who drops courses which they cannot be held accountable for or any student who fails to complete a course without dropping.

Spring Award Application

  • Application Opens: 10/31/22
  • Application Deadline: 01/04/23

Graduating Award Application

  • Application Opens: 01/3/23
  • Application Deadline: 04/17/23

Scholarship Appeal Application

To complete if you have been denied our general scholarship opportunity.

Other Scholarship Opportunities

EduMed Medical and Healthcare Scholarships

Apply through March 2020

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