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Earn a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree at OCC

Your college education should be worth a fortune — not cost one! Earn credits toward your bachelor’s or master’s degree through the Kean Ocean University Partnership.

Kean University and Ocean County College have established a partnership (KEAN OCEAN) that enables area residents to complete the upper-division courses required for certain Kean University undergraduate degree programs and specific graduate programs online or on OCC’s campus. Students who take advantage of this opportunity stay close to home while completing their college education.

This unique partnership was formalized in 2006 and has been highly successful, offering many students a pathway to affordable, high-quality education. A bachelor’s degree in one of 40 different programs, with 9 programs completely online, will cost approximately $35,000 versus $30,000 per year at most universities.

Ready to get started? Contact us today and register for a degree program.

Talk to an enrollment specialist by calling: (732)255-0382

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Undergraduate Degrees

KEAN OCEAN provides undergraduate courses that will lead to a bachelor’s degree completion program in:

  • BS in Accounting (11100)
  • BA in Biology (70100)
  • BA in Biology, Teacher Certification Option (70197)
  • BA in Biology, Teacher Certification Option with Dual Cert. in Special Ed. (70196)
  • BS in Biology, Environmental Biology (70301)
  • BS in Biology, Health Professions Option (70304)
  • BA in Communication (41104)
  • BA in Communication – Journalism (41106)
  • BA in Communication- Public Relations (41107)
  • BS in Community Health Education (25107)
  • BA in Criminal Justice (54300)
  • BA in Elementary Education/Teacher of Students with Disabilities, K-6 Certification (24118) – Specialization Options Include: Biology, Communication, English, Mathematics, Psychology and Sociology
  • BA in Elementary Education/Teacher of Students with Disabilities, K-6 & 5-8 Subject Certification (24119)
  • BA in English, Standard Option (42100)
  • BA in English, Teacher Certification Option K-12 (42193)
  • BA in English, Teacher Certification Option with Dual Cert. in Special Ed. K-12 (42194)
  • BS in Finance (40500)
  • BS in Global Business (49200) COMING SOON!
  • BA in Global Studies (58101)
  • BA in History (48100)
  • BA in History, Pre Law Option (48102)
  • BA in History, Teacher Certification Option with Dual Cert. in Special Ed. (48196)
  • BA in History, Teacher Certification Option (48197)
  • BS in Management (40600)
  • BS in Management-Entrepreneurship (40606)
  • BS in Management-Human Resources (40607)
  • BS in Marketing (40400)
  • BA in Mathematical Sciences (78200)
  • BA in Mathematical Sciences Teacher Certification (78294)
  • BA in Mathematical Sciences Dual Cert. in Special Education (78295)
  • BSN in Nursing (84100)
  • BS Exercise Science (25140)
  • BS in Physical Education and Health Teacher Certification (25105)
  • BA in Psychology (56100)
  • BA in Psychology-Forensic Psychology (56101)
  • BA in Public Administration (54200)
  • BA in Recreation Administration – Community Recreation Option (25305)
  • BA in Recreation Administration – Commercial Recreation (25302)
  • BA in Sociology (58100)
  • BA in Recreational Therapy (25306)

Advising Guides

Advising guides help you plan your semesters at OCC and Kean Ocean. Each guide provides the required classes and electives for you to choose from. Advising guides can also assist you in choosing the degree that best fits your professional goals.

Kean Ocean Undergraduate Advising Guides

Graduate Degrees

  • MS Accounting
  • MA Counseling – School Counseling
  • MA Counseling – School Counseling and LPC Qualification
  • MA Counseling – Clinical Mental Health
  • MA Counseling – Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counseling
  • School Assistance Coordinator Certification
  • MA Educational Administration (Kean Online)
  • M.B.A. – Executive Global Option (31965)
  • M.B.A. – Global Option
  • MS Exercise Science
  • MA Holocaust and Genocide Studies
  • MSN Nursing – Nursing Leadership
  • MSN Nursing – Community Health

If you want to apply for a Kean Ocean program but don’t yet have your associate degree, apply to Ocean County College for the Kean Ocean Joint Admission Program.

Contact Information

For administrative or faculty contact information on Kean University classes, held at Ocean County College, call (908) 443-2500

Office Location/Hours

Gateway Building, 101
Ocean County College
Toms River, NJ 08754
T: (908) 443-2500
F: 732.255.0465

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: 8:30am-5pm
Tuesday: 8:30am-7pm

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