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President Pamela Monaco

Pamela Monaco, Ph.D.
President of Ocean County College

Welcome to Ocean County College!

On behalf of the entire college community, I am delighted to introduce you to New Jersey’s first and foremost community college.

Since 1964, OCC has stood proud and ready to serve the people of Ocean County and to empower students to learn, grow and succeed. That has always been part of our mission, and despite the tremendous challenges facing the world today, that focus has not—and will not—change. In fact, Ocean County College has more to offer than ever before. In addition to our ever-expanding degree and certificate programs, we continue to develop new workforce and apprenticeship programs, study abroad experiences, partnerships with four-year institutions for seamless transfer and unique 3+1 agreements, and cultural learning opportunities for students and community members throughout Ocean County.

As a student-centered institution, OCC offers a holistic environment that encourages students to fully embrace the college experience, supported by programs designed to meet their diverse needs. Our students can participate in a wide range of activities, clubs, organizations, and athletic programs, and take advantage of free academic advising and tutoring services, support groups, personal counseling, and much more. Students enrolled at Ocean County College have access to creative educational experiences that rival the most expensive private institutions, led by a dedicated faculty that understands the importance of applied and experiential learning. These programs are available on our main campus in Toms River, our Southern Education Center in Manahawkin, and through our award-winning e-Learning program, enabling us to meet our students wherever they are.

At OCC, we place great value on our one-on-one relationships with our students and working together to create meaningful learning experiences. We want to be a vital partner in helping you reach your goals. If you are thinking about your future and how to create the life you’ve always wanted, I invite you to visit Ocean County College and talk to us about how we can assist you. Our faculty and staff are fully committed to your success, and we are here to help you every step of the way.


Dr. Monaco is an accomplished administrator who brings more than thirty years of experience in higher education to OCC. Dr. Monaco recently served as the Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs at Wilbur Wright College in Chicago, Illinois. In addition to this position, she held senior leadership roles in higher education institutions in Kansas, California, and Florida. Dr. Monaco earned a Ph.D. in English and a Master of Arts degree in English from Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C.; and a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Marketing from George Washington University in Washington, D.C. As a passionate advocate for community colleges, Dr. Monaco believes that education transforms lives, and she has consistently demonstrated her commitment to removing the barriers that stand in the way of student success.

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