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Ocean County College, an innovative academic leader, provides affordable, student-centered, high-quality educational experiences that empower diverse learners to succeed. To achieve its mission, OCC invests in and fosters academic, economic, and cultural excellence and ensures financial strength by generating multiple revenue streams, engaging in national and international university and corporate partnerships, and cultivating a technologically progressive and entrepreneurial spirit.


Ocean County College will be the boldest, most innovative and entrepreneurial student-centered college in the nation, will promote exemplary learning experiences, and will advance community college education internationally.

Guiding Principles

College graduatesStudent-Centered: We empower our students to learn and succeed through distinctive, high-quality learning opportunities.

Accessible: We welcome all people to the Ocean County College community by providing affordable, flexible, and barrier-free educational opportunities.

Innovative: We proactively seek opportunities to improve through ingenuity and strategic partnerships.

Collaborative: We practice teamwork and open communication within a culture of civility and mutual respect.

Courageous: We act with determination to serve our students and achieve our goals.

Trustworthy: We exercise integrity, transparency, and data-informed decision-making.

2021-2026 Goals

Strategic Goal 1: Empower students to learn, engage, and achieve

Strategic Goal 2: Optimize and expand enrollment of all learners

Strategic Goal 3: Elevate organizational effectiveness

Strategic Goal 4: Expand relationships with external stakeholders

Academic Master Plan

The Academic Master Plan 2022 – 2025 is the guiding plan for academics at Ocean County College.

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