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Ocean County College, an innovative academic leader, provides affordable, student-centered, high quality educational experiences that prepare and empower diverse learners to contribute to and succeed in global societies. OCC invests in and fosters academic, economic, and cultural excellence and ensures financial strength by generating new revenue streams, engaging in national and international university and corporate partnerships, and cultivating a technologically progressive and entrepreneurial spirit.



Ocean County College will be the boldest, most creative, most innovative student-centered college in America and, by pioneering community college education internationally, will be a new prototype for global education.

Mission and Vision

Guiding Principles

Ocean County College is Student-Focused:
The success of our students is our priority.

Proactive: Vigorously seek new opportunities for the students in both existing and new markets using ingenuity and innovative thinking.

Supportive: Guide, coach, and mentor one another to provide the best possible experience for students and enable them to achieve their full potential.

Communicative: Articulate ideas and concerns, practice genuine listening before speaking, and maintain confidentiality when appropriate.

Impartial: Remain open-minded and engage new initiatives with optimism and enthusiasm.

Positive: Remain congenial, practice empathy, and have fun.

Courageous: Act with discipline to maintain accountability while pursuing decisions based on evidence and consensus.

Collaborative: Practice teamwork in all actions and decisions.

Trustworthy: Practice integrity and transparency in all actions.

Accountable: Commit to student success while delivering high performance and presenting results transparently.

2015-2020 strategies for success

Strategy #1: Craft and Execute Transformative Strategies

Strategy #2: Build Resilience through Innovation, Reinvention, and New Programs

Strategy #3: Strengthen Leadership at All Levels

Strategy #4: Understand and Meet the Needs of Stakeholders

Strategy #5: Create a Highly-Effective, Challenging, Supportive and Sustainable Work Environment

Strategy #6: Leverage Collaboration, Partnership, and Sharing

Strategy #7: Continuously Improve Learning Support Processes and Practices

Strategy #8: Leverage Information and Results

Academic Master Plan

The Academic Master Plan 2019-2022 is the guiding plan for academics at Ocean County College.

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