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The Office of Institutional Planning, Effectiveness, and Compliance

The Office of Institutional Planning, Effectiveness, and Compliance provides meaningful data and analysis, facilitates planning processes, adheres to state and federal reporting requirements, and coordinates assessment activities across campus.


To support data informed decision-making, strategic planning, continuous improvement within Ocean County College, and to ensure the college adheres to MSCHE accrediting standards.


  1. To provide timely, accurate, and meaningful data and analysis to campus constituents
  2. To communicate data and research findings in an easily understood format
  3. To develop and implement research studies and surveys in support of student sucess and strategic planning
  4. To facilitate the strategic planning process including the development, implementation, and tracking of the College’s strategic plan
  5. To ensure the on-time submission of federal and state regulatory reports
  6. To maintain compliance with MSCHE standards and to continue to receive recommendations


The Fact book tells OCC’s story through data and infographics in addition to providing contextual information for each section.

The 2019 – 2020 Fact book provides data for a five-year period through fall 2019 and is updated each year.

2019 – 2020 Fact book

Contact: Alexa Beshara-Blauth
Role: Executive Director Institutional Planning, Effectiveness and Compliance
Phone: 732-255-0400, Ext. 2461.

Ocean County College

“Ocean County College is rapidly becoming one of the finest community colleges in the nation. Every day on our campus, the anticipation and excitement from faculty, staff, students, and the community is palpable.”

~ Jon Larson, President

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