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Honors by Contract

The Honors by Contract Program allows high-achieving students to work individually with faculty members on higher-level educational activities related to course objectives while enrolled in a regular course. Students who complete an Honors by Contract course have the designation on their transcript. After completing four Honors by Contract courses with an overall GPA of 3.5 or above, students graduate from Ocean County College as Honors Students. The student’s transcript, diploma, and commencement program will note this achievement.

All students with a GPA of 2.5 or above, or equivalent, from high school, other higher educational institutions, or Ocean County College are eligible to enroll in the Honors by Contract courses. Students may only enroll in two Honors by Contract courses per semester. Students enrolled in any remedial courses may not participate in the Program. However, students may appeal to the Vice President of Academic Affairs for special permission. Faculty members who teach college-level courses, i.e., 100 level and above, may participate in the Program (STSC 150 may not be included).

Students who participate in Honors by Contract have an opportunity to win monetary award​s for their outstanding work. In addition, students ​who meet ​Honors Graduation ​requirement​s are eligible for scholarships.

For more information

Contact: Professor Christine Pericone
Phone: 732-255-0400, Ext. 2444.


Parking Lot Safety

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