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Student Support Services (SSS)

Our Mission

The mission of Student Support Services at Ocean County College is to assist and encourage first-generation college students, low-income college students and/or college students with disabilities through completion of a credential. We operate in a holistic, inclusive, and collaborative environment while delivering services that will immerse students in a challenging and engaging student experience. SSS emboldens students to be self-driven; to discover their own barriers, seek out solutions, and develop a positive mindset in their journey toward success.

How to Apply

Submit a Completed Prescreen Application!

Applications are available via this website, email, or in person. Spots are limited!

Apply Now!

Upcoming Event!

Summer Orientation Program:

Please join us on Thursday, August 25th in the Russell Building (#7) – Check in is at 9:30 am Event begins at 10:00 am.

Activities will include: Staff Introductions, Review of SSS Program Requirements, Motivational Magician Brian Miller, Campus Tours, Tie Dye and more!

Attendance is limited to current SSS students.

Student Support ServicesDo you meet any of these eligibility requirements?

  • You are a first generation student*
  • You meet federal income guidelines, found on the U.S. Department of Education website
  • You are a student with a disability
  • You have an academic need (placed into developmental math and/or English, GPA less than 2.5, struggling to pass courses, recommended to SSS by a faculty or staff members, high rate of F & W grades)

* First Generation: parents/guardians did not complete a bachelor’s degree or whose primary custodial parent/guardian did not complete a bachelor’s degree.

Free Program Advantages:

  • One-On-One Professional Tutoring
  • Academic Planning & Advising—for transfer to a 4-year institution and/or career
  • Academic Coaching—keeping you motivated to reach your goals
  • Financial Literacy Education—to help you make smart, financial decisions
  • Social Engagement & Leadership Development—attend trips and conferences to discover your purpose and build your network

Cultural Trips and 4 Year College/University Tours

We plan cultural trips and 4 year college/university tours throughout the year. If you are interested in any of the following trips/university tours, contact SSS staff at 732.255.0400 ext. 2352.

Unless otherwise noted, Ocean County College Student Support Services (SSS) events and activities are only open to SSS participants.

Student Support Services Club

The Student Support Service Club, open to all OCC students, is tailored specifically for participants in the SSS Program. The purpose of the club is to emphasize the attainment of leadership skills, attain a sense of community and connectedness, as well as provide opportunities for community involvement and outreach.

  • Students standing in front of brown fence at the Zoo
  • SSS Trio trip to DC
  • SSS Trio Student trip to NY to see Aladdin
  • SSS Trio Student Trip to see Harry Potter


The Student Support Services office is located in:
W. Kable Russell Building (#7) Room 113

Program staff can be reached by
Phone: 732-255-0400, Ext. 2352.

SSS Office Staff

Alison Noone
Student Support Services Program Director
732-255-0400 ext. 2138
Russell Bldg. (#7) Room 112

Helen Konz
Student Support Services Project Coordinator
732-255-0400 x2373
Russell Bldg. (#7) Room 111

Briana Cerbone
Student Support Services Specialist
732-255-0400 x 2352
Russell Bldg. (#7) Room 113

Barbara McCormack
Student Support Services Academic Coach
732-255-0400 x2228
Russell Bldg. (#7) Room 116

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