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College Pathways Program

College Pathways supports and assists high school seniors with the transition to college – regardless of where they choose to attend.  The program is designed to eliminate barriers to college entrance through small group and one-on-one workshops with discussions on:

  • The college selection process
  • College applications
  • Funding college and financial aid
  • FAFSA completion
  • College placement testing
  • Career, degree planning, and advisement

Through the College Pathways Program, high school seniors are able to make confident, informed choices about their futures and are guaranteed lifetime acceptance to OCC.


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Presentations and Learning Outcomes:

College Admissions 101- introduces the importance of attending college, what to consider when selecting a college, the college application and enrollment process, tips for applying to colleges, and practice filling out college applications through the completion of an OCC application—opening up opportunities for students regardless of their plans!

“College Admissions 101 – Parent Night” provides parents with an opportunity to learn more about the OCC Pathways Program as well as the college admissions process.

Financial Aid, College Literacy, and the FAFSA explains federal and state financial aid, different types of aid (grants, scholarships, loans, subsidized, unsubsidized, etc.), and how to get and keep aid.  Financial literacy is also discussed and students are introduced to the importance of making sound financial decisions around college choice that will set them up for future success.

In this workshop, parents and students will complete the FAFSA with expert assistance from OCC Financial Aid staff.  Parents are encouraged to attend and complete the FAFSA regardless of where their students are choosing to attend college.

“Taking the ACCUPLACER: Proving You’re Ready for College Courses” To prepare students for College Entrance exams and the process of proving their readiness to take college courses, students will take a free ACCUPLACER exam. The ACCUPLACER is a computer based entrance exam designed to evaluate students’ skills in reading, writing, and mathematics.  The ACCUPLACER test is administered each year in more than 2,000 secondary and postsecondary institutions.  Following ACCUPLACER testing, students will know any academic areas they may need to brush up in and will be able to send their ACCUPLACER scores to any college or university.

Career, Degree Planning, and Advisement assists students with choosing a career and aligning it to their choice of major.  Students complete a short career interest inventory and utilize Emsi’s Career Coach software to review job forecasts and labor market data to the career that meets their interests.  Students will determine the level of education needed and academic major required to get a job in that field.  The session ends with tips on how to stay on track with meeting academic curriculum and major requirements while pursuing a degree.

“High School Registration Days” provide priority registration to students participating in Pathways who are planning to enroll after graduation. Students are bussed to OCC during their school day where they tour campus, register for classes with an advisor, secure a student ID and have lunch. Early registration allows students to secure class schedules that will accommodate work and family commitments.

Partnering School Districts:


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