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Special Circumstance Review

Financial Aid awards are calculated using the previous calendar year’s income information. In the event of a special circumstance (unemployment, retirement etc.) resulting in a change in income information, student’s may request a Special Circumstance Review from the financial aid office either in person, via telephone or email.

When requesting a Special Circumstance Review, you must include the reason why you are requesting the review and include any pertinent dates such as date you (or your parent) became unemployed. Once your request is received, you may be required to submit additional information and documentation to the financial aid office.

Special Circumstance Reviews are held to the same deadlines as those given to students selected for Federal or Institutional Verification. For more information regarding these dates, please refer to the deadlines sections of the website.

Special Circumstance Reviews are not a guarantee of financial aid and may not result in an increase or change in award(s).

The most common reasons for a Special Circumstance Review are;

  • Reduced Parent/Student Income
    Students may request a Special Circumstance Review if they (or their parent’s) current annual income will be substantially less than the previous calendar year. Common reasons for the decrease are loss of job, reduction in hours, disability or divorce/separation. An explanation of the reason(s) for reduced income must be submitted, including dates associated with the reduction. Other information will also be required such as W2(s) and IRS Return Transcripts.
  • Unusual Medical/Dental Expenses
    Students may request a Special Circumstance Review if their family had excessive un-reimbursed medical/dental expenses during the previous calendar year. An IRS Return Transcript, or an itemized list of medical/dental expenses paid out of pocket in the previous calendar year, including insurance premiums will be required.

Special Circumstance Reviews are processed in the order in which the requested documents are received and may take up to eight weeks to complete. Changes in income and assets are reported to the Federal and State processors to determine eligibility for need-based grants. This review may delay the processing of Federal and State Grants but will not delay the processing of student loan applications.

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