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What is an Academic Plan?

Your Academic Plan shows you the courses you need to graduate AND a suggested order to complete these courses. You can locate your Academic Plan in the Timeline in Student Planning. The Timeline can be located on the Plan & Schedule screen.

You can submit this form to request an advisor review of your Academic Plan.  An advisor will review your completed coursework and adjust your plan as needed.

A Note About Your Academic Plan

The Timeline View might not reflect a complete degree plan if it is modified.

Therefore, although an advisor can help you update your plan, you must use the My Progress screen to track degree progress.

Your My Progress screen displays which courses you have remaining to complete your degree.

A Note About Your Transfer

Your Academic Plan will help you stay on track for degree completion. However, it might not reflect the courses needed to transfer into a major at an institution. A transfer advisor can help you customize your Academic Plan to include coursework for your transfer goals. Request an appointment with a Transfer Advisor

Fix My Plan

*You must meet with an advisor to change your major. Please visit Advising Appointments or call the Hub at 732 255 0482.

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