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Applicant FAQ Answers

Yes.  To ensure every applicant is fairly evaluated in accordance with all federal and local employment guidelines all applicants must apply through the online application site at  Applicants should refrain from directly contacting the hiring department to avoid a conflict of interest and/or adversely impacting consideration. 

You may request a new username and password at any time via the Career portal at:  Once there, select Log In from the Menu, click Log In or Create an Account and click “Forgot your username or password?” to complete the required information.  You will receive your new password within 24 hours.

To apply follow these steps:

  • Create a Log In username and password.  This will give you unlimited access to the site and allows you to check the status of your application.
  • Create your online application.  Allow at least 45 minutes and follow these tips:
    • Be sure you have completed all required fields (those with asterisks *)
    • Include any pertinent information about your qualifications and experience that will help the department effectively evaluate your skills, abilities and qualifications
    • Attach all required documents (cover letter, resume, transcripts, etc.) to ensure your application is deemed complete and ready for review
    • Provide up to date references and grant contact authorization
    • Certify the application information provided is true and accurate and complete the authorization section
  • Carefully review the openings for which you are qualified and make sure  posting deadlines have not expired.

When the system indicates you have completed the prior areas of the application, a screen will appear that allows you to attach all of the required documents.  To attach copies of the documents, first be sure you have them stored on you home computer or another location from which you can browse and attach/or cut and paste the documents.  Then follow the tips below:

  • Attach your cover letter (addressed to “Hiring Manager”), resume, and/or transcript copies using either Microsoft Word or a PDF formatted version
  • You may also copy and paste or type in your cover letter and/or resume; but this method could result in a less than accurate or properly formatted document.  Note: copies of required transcripts must be in a .pdf format
  • Carefully follow the instructions and be sure to attach all of the required documents for the position.  Note: If you do not add the required document(s), your application will be deemed incomplete and an error message will appear

Note: Attaching a promise to submit required copies of transcripts or other documents in the future on a word document deems the application incomplete at time of review.

To save your application, click the “Save” button at the bottom of any page.  Partially completed applications will be saved and ready to finish the next time you return.  If your Internet connection is interrupted during the process, log back in and select “Edit Application.”  Note: Your application is not complete until you receive a confirmation number.

If your application screen displays an incomplete error message, a red X will appear above the sections that are incomplete, have exceeded text limitations or are incorrectly formatted ( i.e.; date mm/dd/yyyy).  Carefully review each area and make the corrections.  Note: The system will not let you apply to positions with expired closing dates.

You may review the status of your application by choosing the “Application Status” link once you have logged in to the career portal at:

To withdrawal your application, click on “Withdrawal” next to the application you wish to remove from consideration.  If you have multiple applications listed be sure to select the correct withdrawal link attached to the position you are no longer interested in.

No.  Also, it is important to understand that partially completed applications completed after the closing date will not be considered.   Note: If you are applying from another time zone please understand that all postings expire on the closing date indicated at midnight (12 am) Eastern Standard Time.  

You may edit your application inside the online site at by completing the “Login” process using your username and password.  Any edits you make will only apply to applications submitted for future openings. The most common reasons for updates or changes are as follows:

  • Your contact information has changed (address, email address, phone, etc.)
  • Your reference information has changed (contact information or names)
  • Your application information is over a year old and no longer reflects newly acquired skills, education or work experience (the college highly recommends an annual update to ensure you are evaluated effectively)

Note: If you made an error while completing your application online and notice the error, please contact Human Resources at 732-255-0336 for assistance.

To work efficiently with our online system your home computer or a public computer (located in school, library, etc.) must be operating with Explorer version 9.0 or higher or similar web browser version. Smartphone users are encouraged to view openings via their phones, but cautioned on completing applications using this type of tool as the system has had difficulty in supporting this process in the past.

When you apply for a position, a Hiring Manager/Search Committee will evaluate your application. Your qualifications and experience will be assessed in relation to the required qualifications of the respective job and then in relation to those of all other applicants. Those deemed the most qualified will be contacted for additional prescreen conversations and/or interview scheduling.

This time frame varies for each opening due to the high volume of applicants, so please feel free to log into your application to check the status of your application online.

For serious consideration, we recommend applying to no more than three positions at a time. Once your online application has been created at  you will not be required to duplicate the information.  To apply for multiple positions, simply search the site for open positions and click on the “Apply for this Posting” feature.

The College often receives applications that result in very large and competitive talent pool (in excess of 100) for one position. It is also very common for an applicant to meet all of the required qualifications and be outflanked by other applicants who greatly exceed both the required and preferred qualifications associated with the position. Typically, the hiring department will select 5-10 top applicants to contact for interviews.

Yes. The system will confirm receipt of you application and provide information about the status of your application. For all regular part-time and full-time positions, you will be contacted by the Hiring Manager or Recruiting Administrator directly if invited for an interview. Most pooled and temporary positions are open for longer lengths of time (usually 3 months) and are filled as needed. This means there may or may not be a need at the time of application. Hiring Managers will contact applicants as openings occur.

Yes. By logging in under your user name and password, you will have access to manage your jobs. Under this section, you will be able to view any job posting to which you applied.

Temporary employment is an excellent way to begin a career at Ocean County College as it allows others on campus to become familiar with your capabilities and perhaps identify you for a regular position when one becomes available. Pooled academic positions afford those interested in acquiring additional related work experience enough skills for future consideration in academic instruction or administration openings.

Yes. Current employees are also required to submit an application for any open positions via the online site at  When applying, it is important to submit updated resumes reflecting any additional skills, experience and education you may have acquired since you originally were employed with the College. In this way your qualifications will be more effectively assessed and compared to other applicants.

No. Due to the high volume of resumes, the College does not actively recruit or match prior candidates to future open positions. Please visit the online site to find new openings.

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