Vision Statement


Ocean County College aspires to be an institution of distinction where faculty and staff serve to awaken students to a love of learning. We foster educational innovation through effective teaching-learning strategies, designed to develop and nurture intentional learners who are informed and empowered. We employ technology and learning outcomes assessment to enhance student success. We offer quality life-enhancing cultural and athletic activities, and take full advantage of our seacoast and pineland environments to enhance the curriculum. Our nationally recognized planning and resource management model, our institutional effectiveness design, and our continuing creation of strategic partnerships signify our intention of reinventing the collegiate structure and taking a leadership position in the academic community. Our ultimate vision is to ensure that our students have what they need to transfer well, to find meaningful career opportunities, and to thrive in an increasingly diverse and complex world. Our vision is, very simply, to be the best.


  • The freedom of intellectual pursuit
  • A commitment to multiple teaching-learning styles
  • An open-door environment with accessible faculty and staff
  • A respect and an appreciation for cultural diversity
  • A climate of civility and courtesy
  • A family spirit in an intellectual community
  • A collaborative, creative, and team-spirited approach to leadership
  • The highest personal and institutional integrity
  • The highest standards of professional commitment

Mission Statement

It is the mission of Ocean County College to foster excellence and a caring environment through its commitment to:

  • Offer comprehensive educational programs that develop intentional learners of all ages and ensure the full assessment of student learning in these programs;
  • Provide broadly-based student support, starting from our initial contact with every individual student, regardless of his or her unique needs;
  • Measure employee attitudes toward the workplace and student attitudes toward the learning experience and make responsive adjustments in institutional strategies;
  • Provide a well-designed campus and facilities with advanced technology;
  • Address our human resource needs by recruiting and hiring highly qualified people and continuing to develop the potential of each employee;
  • Generate and manage fiscal resources to best serve strategic priorities;
  • Employ the leadership team to continue to efficaciously address outreach, development, engagement, institutional effectiveness, and a fully realized implementation of the college's vision;
  • Continue to reach out to members of the Ocean County community and beyond in order to create meaningful, fulfilling, and mutually beneficial partnerships.

Institutional Goals, 2010-2015

  1. Advance Developmental Learning
  2. Increase Student Academic Engagement
  3. Advance Student Articulation Needs
  4. Respond to Economic Conditions through Suitable Academic Programming
  5. Develop a Teaching/Learning Institute
  6. Enhance Our E-learning Potential
  7. Recast the Academic Calendar for Increased Productivity
  8. Intensify Support for Student Engagement
  9. Use CCSSE and SENSE for Assessment/Improvement of Student Engagement
  10. Reach Out to Targeted Student Populations
  11. Complete the One-Stop Enrollment Facility
  12. Develop Career Services for Targeted Populations
  13. Enhance the College Athletic Program and Facilities
  14. Measure Employee Attitudes
  15. Develop Action Plans Based on CCSSE Outcomes
  16. Refine and Implement The Facilities Master Plan
  17. Continue to Enhance Classroom Technology
  18. Continue Technological Upgrades
  19. Develop an Employee Succession Plan
  20. Employ Culturally Sensitive Hiring Practices
  21. Take a Mutual Gains Approach to Collective Bargaining
  22. Continue College-Wide Staff Development and Training Programs
  23. Complete a Comprehensive Compensation Analysis
  24. Complete a Revision and Realignment of Employee Evaluation Forms
  25. Refine the Long-Term Capital Financial Plan
  26. Review Outsourcing and its ROI and Efficiency
  27. Use the Strategic Plan to Formulate Planning and Budgeting Documents
  28. Provide Professional Development for the Leadership Team
  29. Expand the use of Board Book Technology
  30. Restructure Leadership Schedules for Efficiency
  31. Extend Educational Partnerships
  32. Use Technology and Social Networking for Alumni Outreach