Management Courses

Time Management (8hrs)

Learn the act of planning the amount of time you spend on which activities by better organizing yourself and your workspace for peak efficiency by taking control of things that can derail your workplace productivity; understand the importance of, and most useful techniques for setting and achieving goals by identifying the right things to be doing and developing plans for doing them.

Team Building (8 - 16hrs)

Participants learn the skills to transition into increasingly more responsible levels of management including: the competencies of leadership required for new managers and those hoping to transition from line or staff positions into supervisory positions, building trust within the organization, overcoming workplace issues and goal achievement. 

Course is taught on location demonstrating proper service techniques.


Problem Solving (8hrs)

This course teaches the effective skill necessary for customer focused problem solving and how to effectively handle stress.   The skills include proper inquiry by formulating and asking the proper questions, identifying and clarifying the goal, evaluating potential actions and selecting the best action decision in a calm and objective manner. 


Leadership/Supervisory Skills (8hrs)

Everyone is born with different levels of supervisory ad leadership ability and both can be learned.  This course teaches self-awareness and self-confidence with the traditional approaches to prepare front line workers to assume leadership roles in various departments across the organization.


Upward Mobility Managerial Development Workshop Series (12 -16hrs)

Customized To Each Employer Employee Training designed to provide line level management with the knowledge needed for effective managerial leadership and career development for upward mobility.  Focus is on specific skills essential for managers/supervisors to succeed as leaders as they are promoted in today’s constantly changing work environment.  In this highly interactive workshop, participants have the opportunity to expand their effectiveness as a team leader.  The desired benefits will result in increased productivity and greater satisfaction on the job for those attending and for those they work with.


The Value Of Understanding Diversity (8hrs.)

This course teaches the value of understanding diversity.  Embracing diversity makes us better managers, customer service advocates and individuals enabling us to better respond to each cultural difference in ways that promote mutual cooperation.


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