Certified Electronic Health Record Specialist Certificate (CEHRS)

Paper medical records are not meeting the needs of doctors and patients.  There is an increase in errors, health care costs are rising, and there seems to be a missing link in a patient’s coordination of care.  Many of these errors can be overcome if information technology is applied throughout the healthcare system.  

As you prepare for a career in the health care workplace, it is important that you develop a clear understanding of the significant impact an EHR system has on work processes in a healthcare environment.  When you begin your career, you will either immediately, or very soon thereafter, use an EHR system as a primary tool to support your duties and the office workflow.  The EHR knowledge and experience gained through this certificate program will be a valuable component of the full set of competencies and skills you bring to your workplace.

Required Courses

Online Track

  • CEHO 102 Fast Track Medical Terminology I & II      
  • CEHO 103 Medical Insurance & Billing Practices
  • CEHO 104 Anatomy & Physiology for the Health Care Professional
  • CEHO 108 Computerized Medisoft Billing
  • CEHO 109 The Electronic Health Record (EHR) & CEHRS Exam Prep for Health Care Careers

Traditional Track

  • CEHS  112 Medical Teminology I
  • CEHS 117 Medical Terminlogy II
  • CEHS 274 Medical Insurance & Billing Practices
  • CEHS 194 Anatomy & Physiology for the Health Care Professional
  • CEHS 192 Computerized Medisoft Billing
  • CEHS 333 The Electronic Health Record (EHR) & CEHRS Exam Prep for Health Care Careers

CPE Graduate -Stacey Spilka, CEHRS

"I owe my Health Information Management success and continuing personal growth to Ocean County College (Kathy Caro).    Due to Kathy's persistent and consistent support and expertise, I have been able to promote up through the "ranks" of the Medical Record/Health Information Management field/industry over these last six years.  My current title is:  Health Information Specialist for Norwalk Community Health Center, in Norwalk, CT.  In my realm of employment, I am able to utilize the skills and knowledge which I gained from OCC through their Certification programs.  I received my CEHRS in 2010 and then my Medical Coding/Billing Reimbursement Certificate.  Along with my AAS degree in HIT (and B.S. in Social Work), I have been able to continue to grow emotionally, professionally, and scholastically.  THANK YOU KATHY AND YOUR ENTIRE STAFF!!!!!  It has been six years since I began with OCC and Kathy and I are ALWAYS excited to reconnect via phone, e-mail, in-person.  I love her!!!!!"