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Artificial Intelligence Certificate

Certificate Of Completion

Have you ever wondered…

  • How your iPhone recognizes your face or how you are “tagged” in photos?
  • How a Digital Assistant such as Alexa or Siri is able to understand and converse with you?
  • How new types of antibiotics are being discovered that are able to kill strains of bacteria that had been resistant? (Source: MIT News)

All of these questions can be answered through the field of Artificial Intelligence.

This Program Might be Right for You if:

  • You enjoy problem solving and are interested in developing algorithms.
  • You enjoy working with probabilities and statistics.
  • You are interested in software development in programs such as Java and Python.

Employee working in a professional workplace with multiple computers, and a headset

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Program Requirements

Academic Pathways

Academic pathways include AAS In Computer Science Option in A1, Bachelor's degree in Artificial Intelligence, and Advanced Certificate in AI (post Bachelor's degree)

OCC is proud to have worked with Intel to develop this certificate in Artificial Intelligence through Intel’s A.I. for Future Workforce Program.

Students who apply to this program are expected to either possess a degree in computer science with the necessary programming background or possess equivalent industry experience. Knowledge of math in statistics, probability, and calculus is also a required prerequisite.

An AAS In Computer Science Option in A.I. is also available.

Semesters to Complete

Program Entirely Online

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Program Coordinator

Ken Michalek has been a College Lecturer II at Ocean County College since 2019 after a 30-year career at AT&T Laboratories.

Ken Michalek

Ken developed several applications for various AT&T businesses, including Web Hosting, Internet, Network Management, and Business Phone (PBX) systems. After developing applications for over 13 years, Ken was promoted to Director of New Technology Development and served as a manager of various software teams that developed and supported several critical business applications for AT&T. Ken worked closely with Intel to bring Artificial Intelligence programs to Ocean County College.  Intel’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Future Workforce Program enables students to gain technical confidence in AI, enhances employability for AI-related jobs and demonstrates how to apply the latest trends in AI to produce solutions to industrial and social issues.

Ken’s degrees include a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the State University of New York at Buffalo, a MS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and a Master’s in computer science from Monmouth University.

Contact Professor Michalek at or 732 255 0400 x2161.

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