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Business A.A.S.

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This general business career preparation curriculum is designed to qualify students for entry-level positions in business, nonprofit organizations and government organizations. Graduates can expect to find employment as a bookkeeper, manager in retailing, office manager, bank teller/loan officer trainee, sales/marketing person, and small business owner.

Students will complete the Business Core Requirements, General Education
Requirements and enough elective courses to acquire 64 credits and earn the Associate in Applied Science degree in Business.

The A.A.S. Business degree is designed as a career, not transfer, program.

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Business A.A.S.
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  • Lab Science Gen. Ed. Requirement (4 Credits): Courses satisfying this requirement must be taken from the list of Approved General Education Lab Science courses (course type: GSCL).
  • Mathematics Gen Ed (3 Credits): Courses satisfying this requirement must be taken from the list of Approved General Education Mathematics courses (course type: GMAT).
  • ACCT-121 Fundamentals of Accounting (3 Credits)
    BUSN-170 Small Business Management (3 Credits)
    BUSN-270 Principles of Advertising (3 Credits)
    BUSN-272 Principles of Investments (3 Credits)
    BUSN-275 Principles of Finance (3 Credits)
    BUSN-291 International Business (3 Credits)
    CSIT-126 Intermediate Spreadsheets & Database (3 Credits)
    HUMN-210 Leadership and the Humanities (3 Credits)
    LAAW-108 Introduction to Employment Law (3 Credits)

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Contact: Christopher Bottomley
Phone: 732-255-0400, Ext. 2996.
Email: cbottomley@ocean.edu


Business A.A.S.

Human Resource Recruiter
Insurance Broker
Loan Officer
Securities Broker

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Current students are encouraged to use curriculum guides, along with their Student Planning Degree Audit (My Progress Screen), to help make educated, accurate choices when selecting courses.

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