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Business Administration A.S.

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Do you see yourself in a business environment, collaborating with coworkers to develop organizational strategy?  Gain hands-on, real world knowledge with a degree in Business Administration that can transfer to a four-year school or open opportunities in a variety of business settings and career roles.

OCC’s Business Administration program is designed with flexibility, affordability, and trasferability in mind. Night classes and online classes allow you to take classes in a time and format that fits your busy schedule. OCC’s low tuition rate allow you to get your Associate’s Degree, transfer to a college or university, and complete your Bachelor’s Degree at a fraction of the cost of attending a four year school. Our programs and our transfer partnerships are specifically designed to allow you toeasily transfer to a four year or college university.

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Business Administration A.S.
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Contact: Christopher Bottomley
Phone: 732-255-0400, Ext. 2996.


Business Administration A.S.

Account Executive
Customer Service Manager
Financial Analyst
Sales Manager

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