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Digital Mass Media A.A. – Journalism Option

The A.A. degree in Digital Mass Media offers students the first two years of courses and fieldwork which allows students to transfer into a baccalaureate program or to seek immediate employment. The program prepares for a variety of production positions at newspapers and magazines (print and online), radio and television stations, (and their associated Web sites), cable systems, video production companies and other production facilities. The program also prepares students for careers as publicity writers for public relations firms, advertising agencies, businesses, and organizations. The curriculum gives students hands-on writing, production and programming experience at the College radio station, television station, video editing/post production lab, literary magazine, and the print and online versions of the college newspaper. Students also gain experience in blogs, podcasts and other new media used by both professional and citizen journalists.

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Public Relations
Publications Specialist
Content Creator for Nonprofits

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