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Supervisory Skills Courses

BASIC COMMUNICATION & EFFECTIVE LISTENING: Participants learn how to conduct themselves in the workplace by developing awareness and the necessary skills of professionalism. Employees learn how to serve as role models of respectful behaviors that will spread in the workplace and beyond.

MILLENNIALS & Z GENERATION HOW TO LEAD THEM TO SUCCESS: Our interactive training is for non-millennials who have to work with, lead, and manage millennial employees. Our ½ day workshop lets your staff learn & apply what they learn in role-play scenarios and get input from others who have successful communication across generations.

PERSONAL PROFESSIONALISM: Our course prepares participants to be seen by others as vital to the organization by learning & understanding the unspoken truth that attitude & personal behavior are integral to long-term success. Lean ways to communicate effectively by being accountable & flexible, cooperative & respectful, and positive & proactive.

Learn how to organize yourself & your workspace for peak efficiency by prioritizing to increase your workplace productivity. Our course teaches you to understand the importance of setting & achieving goals. Identify the right things to be doing & develop plans for doing them.

Our course prepares participants to transition into higher levels of management. Focus on the competencies of leadership required for new managers and those hoping to transition from line/staff positions into supervision. Learn to build trust within the organization, overcome workplace issues, and set & attain goals.

PROBLEM-SOLVING: Our course focuses on skillsets necessary for customer-focused problem-solving. Manage stress in problem-solving by using targeted questions to identify the issue. Evaluate potential solutions quickly. Learn how to choose the best action calmly and objectively.

LEADERSHIP/SUPERVISORY SKILLS: Because we possess different levels of leadership ability, our course teaches self-awareness & self-confidence. We focus on individual strengths to assist you in identifying your leadership style. We prepare front line workers to assume leadership roles in various departments across the organization.

DIVERSITY IN THE WORKPLACE: Our course focus is understanding diversity. Embracing & understanding workplace culture makes better managers & customer service advocates. Learn to respond to cultural differences in ways that promote collaboration & cooperation in the workplace.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Our basic course emphasizes project planning to ensure that the proper expectations for project completion are set. Determine deliverables, by when for every phase of the project, their cost, reasonable & achievable deadlines, contingencies, and possible negative impacts on the timeline & the project outcomes. We discuss Overview of PM, Time Management, Cost Management, Procurement Management.

Our interactive workshop provides managers with the know how for effective leadership & career development for upward mobility. Build skillsets essential for supervisors to succeed as leaders as they move up the ranks in today’s constantly changing work environment. The desired benefits are increased productivity & greater job satisfaction.

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