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Campus Offices

Students with a disability
The Center for Academic Excellence (CAE) is committed to helping students succeed in the first year of college by providing an array of academic support services and campus involvement opportunities, including the first year experience course ACAD 155 “Student Success”, disability services, tutoring, and peer mentoring.

Multicultural Services
The Office of Multicultural Services (OMS) works to create a climate of inclusiveness, and respect for all.

Personal Counseling
Counseling & Student Development Services provides licensed counselors for student support.

Career Planning
The Advising, Transfer and Career Services Office assists students with decisions about career, education, and employment goals.

Academic Planning
The Center for Academic Advising can assist you in understanding your degree requirements, transfer possibilities, and the process of changing your degree program.

Ocean County College Library

Visit Ocean County College Library for information on research projects, access to computer database, or for a quiet place to study.

Success Q&A
OCC Speak

Career Services – The office on campus which assists students in career planning, finding a job, or preparing for employment after they earn their degree.

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