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Jaclyn Ewing


Manasquan, NJ

Wellness Ambassador with the Juice Plus Company, Adjunct Professor at Kean University, and Group Fitness Instructor at Brielle Sports Club

Q. What mantra or mission statement has helped you succeed?

A. Two mantras I love are “Get up. Dress up. Show up.  Speak up. And you’ll be lifted up.” & “Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours”

Q. Do you have a mentor? How have they influenced you?

A. Indeed I do!  There is a woman I work with in the Juice Plus company who continually inspires me to focus on my reasons for pursuing my dreams in inspiring healthy living around the world.  She’s been a part of our business for over 10 years and started her business from home when her babies were little like mine.  She is a mother and a mentor and a role model.  She gives me a good kick in the pants when I need it and always supplies me with honest answers.  I see her as a mentor because I want to create a lifestyle similar to the personal and professional joys and growth she has been able to develop for her family and business all while spreading love, keeping others healthy and lifting people up.

Q. What motivates you to get out of bed in the morning?

A. What motivates me to get out of bed each morning are the six little feet that come running into my room who are so much deserving of the best mother and role model possible.  My day begins when they wake me up and so much of my energy throughout the day goes into raising these three (as well as the one on the way!) while running a home based business, educating college students and getting to classes at the gym on time!  They constantly remind me of how lucky I am to be their Mom’s and how I will work hard to ensure they are raised by a strong mother who knows the importance of a healthy lifestyle, hustle, goal setting and showing kindness.

Q. Can you explain the impact, if any, that social networking has made on your organization or you personally?

A. Social networking – in person and online – has made a huge difference in my organization.  I am a people person and I love connecting with others and bringing people together – whether personally or professionally.  Life is all about relationships and relationship building and networking with others is one of the keys to success in almost any organization.  Business is always better with a buddy to do it alongside you and I’ve managed to create a team of individuals who hold similar visions that make our work and professional life so FUN all through networking!  Talking, listening, asking questions and being engaged in others while remembering and learning about them creates a nice platform for your own personal network – and this is vital for overall success whether it’s in person or online.

Q. How old were you and what was your first paying job?

A. I was 14 when I got my first paying job – it paid me $5.25/hour which was minimum wage at the time and I worked from 9am-12pm M-F so I was making $15/day.  (This makes me feel so old.) I’ll never forget figuring out the fact that I was only making $75/week and felt it wasn’t enough for the early alarm that was going off each morning during those summer months.  I was a junior camp counselor for my town’s recreation program which only ran for six weeks – I was more than happy when the job was done and promised myself my next place of employment would have a better pay plan.  The following summer I replaced the counselor position with a waitressing job!


Our 100 Women Spotlight is on Jaclyn Ewing, Wellness Ambassador with the Juice Plus Company, Adjunct Professor at Kean University, and Group Fitness Instructor at Brielle Sports Club.

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