Refund Policy

Students who officially withdraw from courses may be eligible for a percentage refund of tuition and certain fees. Students must go to the Admissions & Records Office and complete a drop form, in person. Failing to attend class will not relieve you of your financial obligation to the college, even if you have not yet paid your full tuition bill. Completing the drop form according to the schedule below will eliminate or reduce your financial obligation. Students receiving Financial Aid must complete 60% of the semester in order to be entitled to 100% of their Financial Aid Funds awarded for the semester. Withdrawals occurring prior to 60% completion date will result in the recalculation of aid eligibility and the return of ineligible aid to Federal or State agencies. This may result in the student owing a balance to the school. It is the responsibility of the student to officially withdraw from classes during the appropriate refund periods if the student is to receive a REFUND OR CREDIT.

Percentages are applied against tuition and fee charges for registered courses. The resulting amount will then be compared to any student payments that may have been made with the difference being the amount of the refund due to the student or the balance still owed to the college.

The following fees are non-refundable: Registration, Tuition Deposit, Certificate, Graduation or Tuition Payment Plan.

Official date of withdrawal will be the date Admissions & Records receives the completed withdrawal form with all required signatures. Percentages are as follows:

  • Class canceled by the college: 100%
  • Withdrawal prior to the first official day of the semester/term: 100%
  • Withdrawal between the first official day of the semester/term, up to and including the official attendance census date of the semester/term: 50%
  • Withdrawal after the official attendance census date of semester/term: 0%

It is the responsibility of the student to officially withdraw from classes during the appropriate refund periods if the student is to receive a refund or credit.

If a student fails to withdraw from a specific Term prior to the beginning of that Term and does not attend classes at all for that Term, all eligibility for that Term is rescinded.

Procedures for Tuition Refund Appeals

Ocean County College has a committee to review requests for tuition refunds. For consideration of an appeal, your written request must be within ONE YEAR of the semester in question. All appeals to the committee are submitted to Dr. Toni Clay, Asst. VP of Academic Affairs. Your appeal must include your contact information; student ID number, telephone number and address. Appeals are NOT accepted via email.

Include the following or your appeal will not be reviewed:

The request must be in writing and involve an extenuating circumstance which prohibited initial enrollment or continued enrollment in registered courses. Include all your contact information. Back-up documentation is required in order to review the circumstances and make a decision; i.e., medical (medical doctor’s written confirmation), or military (supervising officer), etc.  All statements must be on business stationary and include dates and events.  Make a copy for your records. It will not be returned to you.

If your appeal is granted, the college will waive your costs minus any bookstore purchases, financial aid refunds and/or some other fees.

A tuition refund will only be granted one time, for one semester only. Future requests will not be considered.

Email Dr. Clay with any questions: Do NOT email your appeal.

Mail or bring in your letter and documents to:

Dr. Toni Clay, Assistant Vice President of Academic Affairs
Ocean County College
CN 2001
Toms River, NJ 08754

You will receive a response within 60 days of Dr. Clay’s receipt of your letter.