Placement Tests/CLEP

What is Placement Testing?

The College Placement Test assesses skills in:

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Writing
  • Algebra

Can I Challenge the Test?

  • YES! If you feel your scores do not reflect your ability, call or stop by the Testing Center to schedule a Challenge Test.
  • College Placement Challenge Testing is by appointment only.  Call 732.255.0401.
  • The fee for each section challenged is $5.00.
  • Students entering OCC who are non-native speakers of English, identified as needing English language training, will be referred to the ESL program for testing and assistance.  

Developmental Courses

  • A student needing developmental English must enroll in the course immediately.
  • Students who need developmental Algebra must enroll in the course before completing 24 credits.
  • Developmental courses cannot be used to satisfy degree requirements, therefore, students enrolled in developmental courses may need to attend OCC for additional semesters in order to satisfy specific program degree requirements.
  • Students must attain a grade of C or higher in all developmental courses.
  • Grades for developmental courses are factored into the GPA (grade point average).
  • Developmental course credits do count toward being a full-time student.

All students, both Full- and Part-Time who need ENGL 091, Reading and Writing I or ENGL 095, Reading and Writing II are required to enroll in the course immediately. Enrollment in these courses takes precedence over all other courses.

Full-time students needing ENGL 091 are restricted to a LIMITED LOAD, 12-14 credits. Each student will also enroll in:

  • ACAD 155 Student Success
  • Developmental Math (if needed)
  • 1-2 courses from the LIMITED LOAD LIST

ENGL 091: Reading and Writing I: Required for students whose placement test results indicate they need to develop their reading and writing skills before beginning college-level coursework.

ENGL 095: Reading and Writing II: ENGL 095 is required for students who need a second level developmental English course as preparation for college-level coursework.

MATH 011: Intro to Algebra I: Required for students who do not have the necessary background in basic algebra or are in need of a thorough review.

MATH 012: Intro to Algebra II: Required for students who need a second level developmental Math course as preparation for college-level coursework.  A continuation of MATH 011.

College Level Math Test

  • This placement test is required of all students who want to register for MATH 191 Pre-Calculus I or a higher-level math course.  The test helps assess proficiency in College Algebra through Pre-Calculus.
  • The only exceptions are for those students who have successfully completed the OCC prerequisite course, listed in the catalog.
  • You may not register for Pre-Calculus I or higher, unless you have completed MATH 161, MATH 165, or taken the College Level Math Test.
  • Visit the OCC Testing Center, ground floor, Library Building, to schedule the test.

College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

CLEP exams allow students who have acquired comprehensive subject knowledge to demonstrate that they have mastered college-level material. Students can make arrangements to take CLEP tests through the OCC Testing Center. Visit the OCC Testing Center for more information.