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American Sign language (ASL) – English Interpreting A.A.S

The A.A.S. in American Sign Language-English Interpreting program prepares students to interpret English into ASL and ASL into English. The program promotes American Sign Language skills, an understanding of deaf culture, knowledge of the interpreter’s role and responsibility, theoretical skills in interpreting, and practical experience in interactive settings. Various settings in which the interpreter works are examined in addition to ethical decision-making in relation to the role of the interpreter.

This program attracts applicants coming from various backgrounds: (a) graduates of two and four-year ASL programs, (b) individuals with no degree but with prior knowledge and skills in ASL, and (c) beginning students. All program applicants will be tested to determine their proficiency in Basic ASL I and II. Those who do not pass will need to take one or both of the basic courses, depending on their scores. Upon completion of the basic course(s), the students will be re-tested to determine their readiness to enter the A.A.S. in American Sign Language-English Interpreting program.

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ASL - American Sign Language

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Contact: Kathy Basilotto
Phone: 732-255-0400, Ext. 2256.



Medical Interpreter
Legal Interpreter
Educational Interpreter
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