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CPE offers a variety of education courses.

Our Early Childhood Development Certificate is a year long program in which anyone can register for anytime.

Classes in ESL beginner and conversational ESL are readily available for both youth and adults.

Entrance exams to OCC’s ASL credited program can be found here.

Make a Difference and Change Your Life! Become a Teacher!

What is New Pathways To Teaching in New Jersey (NPTNJ)?

NPTNJ is a partnership between New Jersey City University and Ocean County College.

NPTNJ offers an alternate route teacher preparation program designed to provide candidates with the skills and strategies necessary to become excellent, successful teachers.

Candidates take NPTNJ coursework at OCC either on campus or as a hybrid program. The program provides a process for individuals who already hold a bachelor’s degree or higher to become licensed teachers without having to complete a traditional teacher training program. The NPTNJ program is regulated and approved by the NJ Department of Education (DOE).

Introduction to the Teaching Profession SRED-512

Prerequisite: Bachelor’s degree or higher and a 3.0 GPA or higher.

Take the first step on your path to becoming a teacher. This 50-hour class offers 30 hours of lecture & 20 hours of clinical work, which includes classroom observations, substitute teaching, tutoring, and working in an after-school program. 5.00 CEU

Course cost, start dates, and meeting times are listed on page 31 of our Spring Catalog.

24-Hour Introduction to the Teaching Profession Bridge Class SRED-513

Prerequisite: Proof of successful completion of the 24-hour class in order to take our bridge class.

If you have completed the 24-Hour Introduction to Teaching course but have not completed the entire New Pathways program, our bridge class satisfies the requirement of additional 10 lecture hours & 16 clinical work hours.

We have modified the New Pathways to Teaching Program to meet the new regulations from the NJDOE. Classroom observations, substitute teaching, tutoring, and working in an after-school program qualify as clinical work.

No additional textbook is required. 1.00 CEU

Course cost, start dates, and meeting times are listed on page 31 of our Spring Catalog.

Child Development Associate Credential CDA CEED-375

Prerequisite: 16+ years and a HS diploma/HS equivalent certificate.

Our nationally certified program allows you to earn the Child Development Associate CDA credential. Our curriculum meets or exceeds the CDA requirement for 120 hours of professional training in early childhood education and includes a preparation program for your CDA required portfolio.

Take the test for your CDA credential at OCC’s Test Center.

Find information about the CDA at http://www.cdacouncil.org/.

You may qualify for a 100% scholarship through the GrowNJKids program.

Find information & requirements at  www.grownjkids.gov/.

Check out our Fast Track CDA Program Booklist.

12.00 CEU

Call 732-255-0400 ext. 2094

Child Development Associate Credential CDA Bridge Class CEED-378

If you have completed 1 semester (40 hours or CDA 101, 102 or 103) of your CDA course work, our course allows you to complete your remaining hours in order to receive your credential. You must attend the first night of class to receive your complete schedule.

If you have completed less than 40 hours of your course work, register for the CDA Child Development Associate Course, CEED-375.

Check out our Fast Track CDA Program Booklist.

You will identify effective teaching strategies and techniques and practice these strategies during each course. To earn your Early Childhood Education certificate from OCC, you must complete the classes in CDA 101 (Fall), 102 (Spring), 103 (Summer) and 104 (CDA prep). You can take these courses individually or register each semester as outlined below.

Classes align with curriculum for both Infant & Toddler and Preschool CDA programs. To earn your credential, you must complete 120 hours of formal Early  Childhood Education training. For information about the CDA credential visit: http://www.cdacouncil.org/

GrowNJKids participants should enroll in CDA 101, 102, 103, & 104. For information about the scholarship program visit: http://www.grownjkids.com/

To enroll in all 4 classes for Fall, register for CDA 101. All Grow NJ Kids participants must enroll in CDA 101, 102 or 103 each semester.

CDA 101

  • Principles of Growth & Development
  • Social & Emotional Development
  • Observing Children’s Behavior
  • Nutrition, Health, & Safety
  • Movement & Music in Children
  • CDA Prep

Test of Essential Academic Skills TEAS CEHS-332

Prepare to successfully complete the TEAS-V test.This serves as the entrance test for Nursing School and includes two electronic practice tests with supporting study guides. 4.2 CEU

Call 732-255-0409 for course offerings.

High School Equivalency Prep CEED-350

Prerequisite: Read & write English.

For non-high school graduates, our course focuses on the skills needed to pass the High School Equivalency Test (HSET).

Improve comprehension skills in math, reading, science, social studies, and writing. Learn the testing process. Receive personalized feedback from the instructor on what areas to focus with test prep time.

At course end, find out how to complete the HSET at OCC’s Test Center. Handouts included.

REQUIRED: Notebook & pen for class.

Call 732.255.0409 for course offerings.


CPE Summer Catalog

CPE Summer Catalog

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  4. See our Summer Payment Plan.

“I have to be honest, I never liked high school or studying but I really like it here at OCC.  I’ve learned so much here, not just about Medical Billing and EHR, but about myself.”

“Anytime I talk to someone who is unhappy with their job, I always tell them about CPE and how great it is. Especially the online  courses.”

Stephanie, Current OCC and CPE Student

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