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Ben Hudnall Memorial Trust

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Before You Register

Welcome to Ocean County College! As a student from the Ben Hudnall Memorial Trust, your first step will be to apply online. There is no application fee and you can begin registration immediately after submitting your application.

  • Just taking classes: choose the List of Classes tab.
  • Entering a degree or certificate: choose the tab that corresponds to your program.
  • At any point, reach out to Jim Campbell for assistance.

The classes listed here are pre-approved classes by the trust. To register for any of the classes below log into Ocean Connect and self-register in student planning, or contact us by phone or email for concierge registration assistance.

Ben U List of Classes:

Lab Sciences:

  • BIOL 114 Principles of Biological Sciences
  • BIOL 130 Anatomy & Physiology I
  • BIOL 131 Anatomy & Physiology II
  • BIOL 161 General Biology I
  • BIOL 162 General Biology II
  • BIOL 232 Microbiology
  • CHEM 180 Introductory Chemistry
  • CHEM 181 General Chemistry I
  • CHEM 182 General Chemistry II
  • CHEM 283 Organic Chemistry I
  • CHEM 284 Organic Chemistry II

General Education:

  • STSC 150 Student Success Seminar
  • PSYC 172 General Psychology
  • PSYC 278 Lifespan Development
  • SPAN 151 Elementary Spanish I
  • PHIL 192 Contemporary Ethical Issues

Once your registration is processed you will receive a confirmation, then check out the after you register section of this page.

OCC offers a variety of semester lengths for Ben Hudnall students to choose from including year ‘round course of study.

OCC offers full term 15-week semesters, quick term 10-week semesters, and accelerated 7.5-week semesters with fully online classes available.

The accelerated semesters present the opportunity to attend as quickly as possible. Accelerated semesters do not overlap, and allow students to complete 2 classes per over-arching term while still meeting 1 concurrent course enrollment requirements by Ben Hudnall.

Term Breakdown Spring Summer Fall
Full Term Spring 15-week Summer 10-week Fall 15-week
Quick Term Spring Quick Term 10-week N/A Fall Quick Term 10-week
Accelerated Terms Accelerated 1 & 2 Accelerated 3 & 4 Accelerated 5 & 6

Students pursuing a certificate program at OCC are strongly encouraged, but not required, to first meet with their Career Coach through the trust. If you are not assigned a coach, contact us, and we will assist in connecting you.

Follow these steps to enroll in a certificate program:

  1. Apply Online here. There is no application fee. Don’t forget to declare as Ben Hudnall on the application and include your NUID.
  2. Submit unofficial transcripts if-applicable to Jim Campbell.
  3. Meet by phone or WebEx with Jim to determine if you have any applicable transfer credit, review your program, and register for classes.
  4. If-applicable, submit official transcripts.

Students pursuing a degree program are required to obtain an Intent to Enroll Letter from Ben Hudnall prior to enrolling in classes. The letter confirms Ben Hudnall will fund your program.

To obtain your Intent to Enroll:

  1. Meet with your Career Coach.
  2. Receive approval from an Inside Track Academic Success Coach. Your Career Coach will assist in setting you up with Inside Track during step 1.
  3. OCC will receive your Intent to Enroll from Inside Track, and begin enrollment steps.
  4. You may apply online here at any time in this process. Don’t forget to declare as Ben Hudnall on the application and include your NUID. There is no application fee.

Enrollment Steps:

  1. Submit unofficial transcripts if-applicable to Jim Campbell.
  2. Meet with Jim by phone or WebEx to discuss potential transfer credit, review your program, and register for classes.
  3. If-applicable, submit official transcripts.

On behalf of college President Dr. Jon Larson, our esteemed faculty, and staff, welcome to Ocean County College! As a member of the Ben Hudnall Memorial Trust we are excited to have you joining our online learning community. OCC offers fully online courses, certificates, and degree programs through the trust. At OCC you will experience flexible scheduling options, an asynchronous learning environment, and innovative technologies integrated into your class experiences. Our rigorous coursework and award-winning faculty will provide you the knowledge and skills to achieve both your academic and career goals.

As a student from the Ben Hudnall Memorial Trust you receive unique concierge services from Ocean County College, and myself as your primary point of contact at OCC. Through the trust you also have access to academic coaching and career services in addition to complete access to all OCC services fully remote.

Do not hesitate to follow up at anytime for support. Again, welcome to Ocean County College and congratulations on taking your next step towards your goals!


Jim Campbell

Jim Campbell, MS

Coordinator, Enrollment & Outreach Services

732-255-0400 x2379 |

After You Register

Now that you are registered for classes, log into your student account, Ocean Connect.

  • Familiarize yourself with Ocean Connect.
  • Know the plagiarism policy to avoid accidental plagiarism.
  • Review online orientation to Canvas or schedule a virtual onboarding to your account.
  • Your student email will become active within 72 hours of your initial registration.
  • It is recommended your check your student email daily, this is the primary mode of communication the college will use with you.

Classes will become available in Canvas five days before the start of the semester.

It is recommended you complete the following on the first day of the semester:

  1. Review the Get Started Module.
  2. Review your class schedule and syllabus.
  3. Locate your textbook and if-applicable virtual lab room.
  4. Set up Honorlock.
  5. Review Active Participation Policy.

Active Participation Policy (Important for Online Students):

To actively participate, take one of the following three actions within the first three days of class:

  1. Post to a discussion board (Introduction boards DO count)
  2. Take a quiz or a test (Readiness quizzes DO count)
  3. Submit an item to the DropBox

*Logging in and/or emailing the instructor doesn’t count towards active participation.

It is recommended you log in and actively participate day one of classes.

Information on Honorlock:

Honorlock is a service OCC uses for online test proctoring. Honor Lock requires a web cam and will use the web cam to monitor you while you are testing. More information can be found here.

Any books and other course materials will be shipped to your residence the week prior to classes starting. Ben Hudnall covers costs of materials, and OCC will order the materials for you.

If you have moved, please contact us to let us know so we have supplies shipped to the correct address.

Do Not Open the Plastic Wrap on Lab Kits Until Day 1 of Classes

Opening the plastic wrap will negate the refund policy should your kit need returning.

As part of minimum grade policy from Ben Hudnall, please note the deadlines in the OCC Refund Policy and how these may impact you.

  • You can access the Academic Calendar for all semesters here. This will include drop/add period dates and withdrawal deadlines.
  • OCC Refund Policy overview:
  • Drop prior to the first day of the semester—100% refund/no balance due.
  • Drop during Drop/Add—50% refund/50% balance due.
  • Drop after end of drop/add—0% refund/100% balance due.
  • Any balance due can have an impact on minimum grade policy due to that balance being billed to the trust.

Download a copy of your syllabus.  If your specific course is not yet available, a master copy can be downloaded by selecting the course length at the top of the term menu.

OCC and the trust both offer supports to set you up for success and help when help is desired. Here are some of the supports and how to access them:

  • Ben Hudnall Student Concierge Services

The Ben Hudnall direct contact is Jim Campbell. Jim can help connect you with any resources available, offer academic coaching, and advising services for degree and certificate program members.

  • Academic Success Coach from Inside Track

All Ben Hudnall students may be connected to Inside Track at any time for academic coaching services, and support including help understanding your trust benefits including minimum grade policy.

  • Ben Hudnall Career Coach

Ben Hudnall offers career coaching to help ensure your academic plans align with your career plans.

  • Tutoring Services

Through Ocean Connect you can schedule virtually with tutoring services! Tutoring at OCC offers a variety of supports including standard tutoring, study tips, writing center review, citation method assistance, and more.

  • OCC Student Help Desk

The OCC Student Help Desk can help with all technical troubleshooting.

What Sets OCC Apart

  • Concierge Services
  • Virtual Advising
  • Fully Online Resources
  • Dedicated point of contact
  • Success Coaching
  • Virtual Tutoring Services
  • Award Winning Faculty
  • 2022 Bellwether Award recipient institution
Ben Hudnall Memorial Trust

“The Ben Hudnall Memorial Trust’s (BHMT) partnership with Ocean County College (OCC) excels at providing you with the opportunity to advance your knowledge and enhance your skills in order to be competitive in the workforce of the future. OCC offers an array of Lab Science courses that are flexible to fit any busy schedule and can be accessed from the comfort of your own home, work place, or on the go. BHMT and OCC’s dedicated teams are here to support you through your academic journey, so come and join us…it’s never too late to start preparing for your future!”

-Renisha Coleman, MBA
Project Manager, Ben Hudnall Memorial Trust

Contact Us

Jim Campbell
Coordinator Enrollment & Outreach Services
732-255-0400  ext: 2379

HUB; 732-255-0482

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