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College Interviews

Treat the visit like a job interview. Dress well and be prepared to discuss your goals, transfer courses, etc. It may be wise to bring an unofficial transcript (student copy) and your catalog. All course syllabus information can be found on NJ Transfer.

Questions You Might be Asked in a College Interview

  • Tell me about yourself. Think about what makes you stand out from other applicants.
  • Why are you interested in our institution? Show that you have done some research on the institution. Talk about specific programs and opportunities offered by the institution.
  • Who in your life has most influenced you? Be ready to talk about why.
  • What major do you intend to pursue? Talk about what excites you about the field, but don’t talk about the money you will make. If you’re undecided, say so, and talk about the different fields that interest you and why.
  • What will you bring to our campus? Highlight volunteer work you have done or organizations you were involved with at OCC. Talk about your leadership experience.
  • Tell me about a challenge you overcame. This gives you the chance to highlight your problem solving skills and show that you can effectively deal with problems you might encounter in college.
  • What do you do in your free time? Show that you are well-rounded and productive, even when you are not studying or working.
  • Does your academic record reflect your ability? If you encountered a crisis or difficult situation that impacted your studies for a semester or in one course, this is your chance to explain that anomaly. Don’t make excuses, but explain what happened and what you learned from the situation.
  • Recommend a good book to me. Show that you are well-read by having an answer ready, and be able to explain why you loved the book. Pick a classic or a book that is intellectual in nature – don’t pick a beach read!
  • If you could do one thing in high school differently, what would it be? Put a positive spin on a less than ideal situation by talking about what you learned from a mistake, or talk about a club or class you wanted to try and didn’t.

Sample Questions to Ask in a College Interview

  • I noticed that your institution does not offer ______________ club. Can students start new clubs at your institution?
  • I value giving back to the community. What opportunities are available for service learning?
  • What opportunities are available for research and internships?
  • What is remarkable about your institution that isn’t presented in the brochure?

Questions to AVOID in the College Interview

  • Anything you can learn from looking at the website, i.e. Do you have a major in education? What is the tuition? Do I have to live on campus? What is the average class size? How many students attend your institution?
  • How much money do your graduates make?
  • Are the classes here hard?
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