Instructor Resources

Attention: Instructors will need to be set up for Direct Deposit to teach starting July 1, 2014

Welcome all CPE Instructors!!

Instructors can use the tools on this page to find class documents, timesheets, important updates, department information, and administrator contacts. 

All instructors should utilize the "checklist" below to ensure that all paperwork and department material is updated and turned in a timely manner. 


The Attendance Sheet is an OFFICIAL DOCUMENT which provides an accurate record of class attendance and is subject to state audit.

Initial Class Session:

Take attendance with roster provided by the Department of CPE and verify information (phone numbers  and email addresses.)

If an attending student is NOT listed:

¨  The student must provide a registration receipt in order to be added to the roster.


¨  If student does not have a receipt, they must be billed – please obtain:

§  Name

§  Address

§  Contact Numbers – (Home, Work, Cell, Email)

¨  Contact the CPE Office with this billing information ASAP.


¨  Do NOT accept registration payments in class.

Upon Completion of Class:

¨  Sign and Grade the Attendance Sheet

¨  Include Evaluation Forms and Time Sheet  in the folder

¨  Return folder to the CPE Office within one week of the completion of class in the department drop box after business hours or to reception during regular office hours.

¨ Fill out and hand out "Course Completion Certificates"

¨ Hand out Department catalogs for future schedulings

Important Contact Numbers: