Instructor Resources

Welcome all CPE Instructors!!

Instructors can use the tools on this page to find instructions on how to accessclass documents, timesheets, important updates, department information, and administrator contacts. 

All instructors should utilize the "checklist" below to ensure that all paperwork and department material is updated and turned in a timely manner. 


Check your email for updates, cancellations, or change in class.  To set up or access your email click on the Instructor guide for instructions.  

Attendence Sheets

Log into your Ocean Connect to access your attendence sheet.  You can print out and take with you to your class or your can submit your attendence electronically through your Ocean Connect page.  Click on the Instructor guide on how to access this. 


If an attending student is NOT listed:

¨  The student must provide a registration receipt in order to be added to the roster.

¨  If student does not have a receipt, contact the CPE office with information ASAP

¨  Do NOT accept registration payments in class.

Upon Completion of Class:

¨ Put in your printed attedence sheet (if you have chosed to print it) and your printed timesheet into the envelope left outside of the CPE office and drop it in the locked drop box.

¨ Hand out Department catalogs for future schedulings

Important Contact Numbers: