Nursing Program

Please Note: Students must submit a letter of intent to Registration and Records to apply to the nursing program every semester. This does not include the On Site On Line Program or Career Mobility.   

There can be a waiting period after your general education requirements are met, which provides a student with a date of completion, and acceptance into the program.

We do not admit students in transfer from other Nursing Programs.

Admissions Requirements

Some Things to Consider

  • All students must have a physical examination (which includes bloodwork) by a licensed physician or licensed independent practitioner in order to begin the program and as required by the clinical agencies. An updated physical will be required every year once you are in the program. It is suggested that students should have health insurance to assist with the cost.
  • Criminal Background checks must be clear and free of any charges. A student will not be admitted to the program if there is any charge on his/her background. Any previous charges must be expunged in order to be considered. This is a requirement by the clinical agencies.
  • Per our clinical facilities rules, students with tattoos will be required to cover them and all facial piercings must be removed.
  • A student must be fit for duty at the clinical site with no physical restrictions. In the case of pregnancy, the student must have clearance from their physician.
  • All applicants must be able to demonstrate either citizenship or permanent residency status in the United States in order to be admitted to the program, as this is a requirement for licensure by the State Board of Nursing in New Jersey.
  • If your clinical is assigned for a Monday, you must be available to do pre-clinical on Sunday evening.

We reserve the right to change admission criteria and curriculum at our discretion.