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Basic Skills Courses

Basic Professional Writing(8hrs)

This course focuses on effective writing skills for employees. It will demonstrate how different personal communication styles affect how co-workers, supervisors and customers receive and interpret information. The course focuses on providing employees with useful tools and considerations for the written communications they send internally and externally such as sending emails, writing memos, status updates, progress notes, and business letters.

Basic Skills Courses
Basic Professional Writing

Basic Public Relations Writing For The Media(8hrs)

This course focuses on learning how to write media content for public relations and advertising/promotional purposes. In general, this course is also designed to help you improve proper use of grammar, punctuation and personal writing skills.

Basic Mathematics(8 – 16hrs) or
Basic Measurements Outcomes(8 – 16hrs)

Basic Mathematics and Basic Measurements are designed to access the math skills of the participant, develop and deliver a prescriptive plan for the participant to progress as far as his or her ability will permit towards the basic and practical math and measurement requirements of the workplace to include: basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of whole numbers, fractions, decimals and measurements.

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