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Get Your Associate’s Degree Today- Registration is Open!

Get Your College Degree at OCC. Fall registration is open now!

Get an affordable, quality education from Ocean County College- New Jersey’s best community college. Join over 8,000 students pursuing their degree or professional certification in more than 30 academic fields. Pursue your passions, improve your career prospects, or prepare for transfer to a 4 year institution while saving thousands in tuition and fees. Ocean County College offers:

  • Face to face, online, or hybrid classes.
  • Night and weekend classes.
  • Flexible 15 and 7 ½ week terms.
  • Scholarship and grant opportunities- in spring 2019, 47% of students who applied for financial aid attended OCC tuition free.
  • Professional certifications in popular career fields.
  • Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) preparation courses.
  • Full advising and student service support for all students.

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Ocean County College is Affordable.

Ocean County College is one of the most affordable colleges in New Jersey. Students who attend OCC and transfer to a 4 year school can see major savings in tuition and fees. The OCC Foundation provides a variety of scholarships to eligible students in order to offset the cost of the degree. State programs such as NJ STARS can provide free tuition to students demonstrating academic excellence.

Ocean County College is Flexible.

With many different academic terms, accelerated programs, and a variety of night and weekend classes, OCC offers a flexible schedule to fit your busy life. Classes are offered in face to face, hybrid, and online options, with multiple degrees available entirely online.

Ocean County College is Transferable.

More than 70% of OCC graduates transfer to a 4 year college or university. Prepare to advance to the next stage of your professional or educational journey by building the academic foundation you need to succeed. OCC has agreements with more than 30 colleges and universities in order to guarantee a seamless transition to a 4 year institution.

Whatever your path may be, OCC can help you prepare for life after college.

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